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Sri Lanka vs England
In Progress : England require another 59 runs with 3 wickets and 46 balls remaining
Sri Lanka
( 50 overs )
( 42.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Bopara to Dilshan       120/1

Bopara to Dilshan,1 run, OUT,bit of a leg side heave from off stump but gets it wide of deep midwicket, chance for a second but there's a total mix up! And Perera is run out by miles. Disaster for Sri Lanka after such a good start. It appeared both batsman wanted the second, both set off strongly but then Dilshan suddenly stopped, Perera hesitated before deciding to carry on but the damage was done, Dilshan was going nowhere, retreated back into his ground leaving an easy lob from Bopara to Buttler for the run out. Whoops!

       Ali to Sangakkara       128/2

Ali to Sangakkara,OUT,length ball, this turns off the straight and given out lbw! To the surprise of many and the batsman reviews after a quick chat with his partner. This gripped off middle and leg, turned to beat the outside edge and is going on to hit middle and off stump. Lovely delivery from Moeen, deceiving Sangakkara into aiming leg side, and a good decision from the umpire

       Woakes to Dilshan       204/3

Woakes to Dilshan,OUT,top catch! No hundred for Dilshan. It was a length delivery, a slower ball in off-cutter mode, Dilshan was aiming to work it into the leg side and gets a fat leading edge which loops back down the pitch, but on the on side, and Woakes dives across from his follow through to hold the catch one-handed

       Tredwell to Mathews       253/4

Tredwell to Mathews,OUT,another one high, high into the air but this time Stokes is under it and that's a fine catch. Barely a foot in from the long-on boundary, Stokes down on his knees almost has held on very well to a mighty steepler from Mathews who went too big once too often, not timed again and this time not enough club to get away with it

       Tredwell to Jayawardene       253/5

Tredwell to Jayawardene,OUT,this slips down the leg side, Jayawardene tickles at it and there's a big appeal for caught behind and given out! A second big wicket for England. This has come right off the face of the bat and Jos Buttler has pouched a very smart catch down the leg side

       Woakes to NLTC Perera       263/6

Woakes to NLTC Perera,OUT,length on the off stump, driven up over the infield is it? Cook running back takes the catch diving away from him, splendid take and another wicket falls, England really pegging things back here. No timing on the stroke and not enough power either to clear Cook running back from extra cover

Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Dilshan to Cook       51/1

Dilshan to Cook,OUT,this time he is gone! Not reviewing. Spin breaks the stand. Round the wicket, skids on with the arm, Cook looking to work to the leg side and is taken low down on the front pad

       NLTC Perera to Bell       107/2

NLTC Perera to Bell,OUT,decent length just outside off, Bell gets a thickish outside edge and is taken at slip! Breakthrough for Sri Lanka. Bell playing defensively to a ball that might have just left him slightly and edging at waist height for an easy chance that's comfortably taken at slip

       NLTC Perera to Root       121/3

NLTC Perera to Root,OUT,fuller length, Root driving at it and edging behind! Root's poor footwork the undoing of him once again. Pushed back, then drawn forward and he gets a feather edge to the keeper

       BAW Mendis to Morgan       124/4

BAW Mendis to Morgan,OUT,Morgan forward just outside off pushing towards the covers and gets an inside edge onto his stumps! England lose another and are now in a bit of trouble. A gentle prod forward slightly away from his body and Morgan has dragged this on

       Prasad to Buttler       159/5

Prasad to Buttler,OUT,back on a decent length, Buttler props forward and gets an inside edge which bounces and then cannons leg stump! Very bad time for England to lose another wicket. Buttler was trying to sort of angle this away but it came back on him a little and the inside edge found the outside edge of leg stump

       BMAJ Mendis to Ali       203/6

BMAJ Mendis to Ali,OUT,but now gone! Moeen propping forward and presenting a simple return catch for the bowler. Such a wonderful innings but this is a soft dismissal, too early on a little forward push and it's so easy for the bowler to take such an important wicket

       Herath to Stokes       243/7

Herath to Stokes,OUT,that's pressure! He was find it hard to get the ball away, he was itching to come down the pitch, ends up yorking himself, plays over the ball and a neat take by Sangakkara

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