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Namibia Under-19s vs Nepal Under-19s
Finished : Namibia Under-19s won by 15 runs
Namibia Under-19s
( 45 overs )
Nepal Under-19s
( 44.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Namibia Under-19s 1 INN
       Dhamala to Davin       0/1

Dhamala to Davin,OUT

       Kandel to Linde       39/2

Kandel to Linde,OUT

       Kandel to Green       78/3

Kandel to Green,OUT

       Tamang to Louwrens       109/4

Tamang to Louwrens,OUT

       Lamichhane to Brits       113/5

Lamichhane to Brits,OUT

       Lamichhane to Rautenbach       212/6

Lamichhane to Rautenbach,OUT

       Lamichhane to van Lingen       212/7

Lamichhane to van Lingen,OUT

       Lamichhane to Coetzee       214/7

Lamichhane to Coetzee,1 run, OUT

       Dhamala to Jacobs       223/9

Dhamala to Jacobs,OUT

Fall of wickets - Nepal Under-19s 1 INN
       Coetzee to Rana       7/1

Coetzee to Rana,OUT

       van Lingen to Dhamala       104/2

van Lingen to Dhamala,OUT

       van Lingen to Rijal       106/3

van Lingen to Rijal,OUT

       van Lingen to Karki       113/4

van Lingen to Karki,OUT

       Jacobs to Aarif Sheikh       166/5

Jacobs to Aarif Sheikh,OUT

       Coetzee to Airee       175/6

Coetzee to Airee,OUT

       Coetzee to Rajbir Singh       177/7

Coetzee to Rajbir Singh,OUT

       Jacobs to Bhurtel       180/8

Jacobs to Bhurtel,OUT

       Coetzee to Kandel       189/8

Coetzee to Kandel,OUT

       van Lingen to Tamang       210/10

van Lingen to Tamang,OUT

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