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Hampshire vs Lancashire
Finished : Lancashire won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
( 19.5 overs )
( 18.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Hampshire 1 INN
       Edwards to Carberry       33/1

Edwards to Carberry,OUT,finds mid-off! Carberry doesn't get any timing as he tries to clear the off side. Just short of a length, takes the splice of the bat and it's a comfortable catch

       Edwards to Wheater       33/2

Edwards to Wheater,OUT,terrific catch down the leg side! Full and quite a way down the leg side, Wheater does well to catch up with it and feathers it through to Buttler who takes a very good catch to his left

       Parry to Shah       63/3

Parry to Shah,OUT,what a delivery! That's a gem from Parry. Shah uses his feet, he drags the length back and then there's ripping turn which defeats the outside edge and takes off stump (he would have been stumped by miles, too)

       Parry to Ervine       71/4

Parry to Ervine,OUT,misses his sweep and that looked pretty straight! Bit quicker from Parry and there was turn, again, which helped defeat the shot and he was taken on the back leg

       Parry to Dawson       77/5

Parry to Dawson,OUT,and another one goes sweeping! Very full ball, goes underneath the bat and takes the back leg right in front of middle. Spin going well for the Red Rose at the moment

       Faulkner to Smith       88/6

Faulkner to Smith,OUT,dragged on! Was making a very early movement around his crease, then goes to pull a shorter delivery, it takes the thigh pad and bounces back into leg stump to dislodge the bail...tough way to go

       Lilley to Wood       93/7

Lilley to Wood,OUT,swing and a miss...ugly swipe across the line and another wicket to the spin. Wood aiming something big to midwicket

       Lilley to Yasir Arafat       93/8

Lilley to Yasir Arafat,OUT,and another! It's a drag on this time. Trying to force through the off side and the bottom edge goes into middle stump

       Faulkner to Vince       114/9

Faulkner to Vince,OUT,gets a massive top edge as he swings to the leg side again, Buttler settles under a routine catch as he runs in from his position

       Faulkner to Edwards       115/10

Faulkner to Edwards,OUT,and that is that! A gentle return catch is lobbed from a back-of-a-length delivery which Faulkner comfortably snaffles

Fall of wickets - Lancashire 1 INN
       Edwards to Prince       15/1

Edwards to Prince,OUT,quick and straight, Prince chops on! No room given and the batsman pays for playing with an angled bat, clipped the toe and clattered into the top of off... Edwards hares off and punches the air in celebration, that's the early breakthrough Hants needed

       Briggs to Davies       52/2

Briggs to Davies,OUT,flat on leg stump, maybe straightens a touch as Davies attempts a reverse paddle - hit on the pads and Bailey gives it! Briggs strikes with his third ball, it was pretty full, probably would have glanced the timber at worst

       Smith to Croft       76/3

Smith to Croft,OUT,dobbly length, Croft lifts it high into the leg side - straight to deep midwicket! Came off the toe of the bat, Hants have another, they're still fighting

       Briggs to Buttler       91/4

Briggs to Buttler,OUT,chipped out towards the rope again... but Ervine is there to take a brilliant diving catch! He's flat out on the ground and celebrating, he hurtled around from long-off and threw himself forward to grab the ball in both hands, before executing a face plant

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