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Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Stars
In Progress : Melbourne Stars won the toss and elected to field
Hobart Hurricanes
( 7.3 overs )
Melbourne Stars
Fall of wickets - Hobart Hurricanes 1 INN
       Bird to Hales       1/1

Bird to Hales,OUT,full and wide outside the off stump, goes after it and gets an edge to the keeper.

       Hastings to Paine       27/2

Hastings to Paine,OUT,Paine holes out to a delivery which would have been put away for a boundary, back of a length angling down leg. He stays on the back foot and tries for a hook, ends up edging it back to the keeper, who dives to left and holds it.

       Hastings to Bailey       31/3

Hastings to Bailey,OUT,Captain departs now, slightly short on the stumps as he tries for a pull. He didn't get the timing which skies towards mid-on, KP places underneath it and took it

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