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Barbados Tridents vs Kings XI Punjab
Finished : Kings XI Punjab won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Barbados Tridents
( 20 overs )
Kings XI Punjab
( 19.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Barbados Tridents 1 INN
       Awana to Perkins       54/1

Awana to Perkins,OUT,woeful shot. This is as ugly a heave across the line as it gets, and Perkins is struck just below the knee roll in front of middle and off by a pretty straight ball. That's plumb, and Kings XI have a breakthrough.

       Awana to Munaweera       61/2

Awana to Munaweera,OUT,gone this time. Mishits another one, and doesn't get away with it this time. This is short of a length on about off stump. He tries to heave this away to leg, but gets an under edge, and Vohra holds on this time.

       Anureet Singh to Carter       106/3

Anureet Singh to Carter,OUT,this would have been a length ball, but Carter gets down the pitch, turning it into an overpitched ball, but though he seems to strike that cleanly, he has hit it down long on's throat. Kings XI needed to break that stand.Carter just didn't get under that enough

       Perera to Franklin       124/4

Perera to Franklin,OUT,ho! But Thisara gets the better of him that time. Another short ball, this time a bit wider of off stump. Again Franklin tries to pull, but manages only to get a top edge to it and it settles in the hands of fine leg.

       Perera to Chigumbura       131/5

Perera to Chigumbura,OUT,another short of a length ball and a pretty typical Thisara wicket. This is on Elton a little quicker than he imagines it, and he doesn't connect well with the flat batted stroke that he aimed over mid off. The fielder there backpedals and holds a catch over his head

       Awana to Holder       159/6

Awana to Holder,OUT,overpitched slightly, and though Holder throws everything at that golf drive, he can't get nearly enough elevation to beat long on. David Miller runs in and takes a comfortable catch

Fall of wickets - Kings XI Punjab 1 INN
       Rampaul to Vohra       41/1

Rampaul to Vohra,OUT,Tridents finally hold on to one from Vohra. The batsman is making room again, but Rampaul cramps him up with a short of a length ball. Vohra tries to slam this over the legside ring, but manages only to get a thick top edge to it. Carter settles under it at short midwicket and completes a simple catch

       Franklin to Saha       76/2

Franklin to Saha,OUT,Franklin strikes, a length ball well outside off, again the bottom hand comes off as Saha looks to play the ball over point, he can only scoop it to the man in the deep, Dilshan Munaweera it is who clasps that one

       Rampaul to Maxwell       95/3

Rampaul to Maxwell,OUT,that should have been a legside wide as well. Instead Ravi Rampaul gets the prize scalp. How funny a game is this? That's an overpitched ball, a good six inches outside leg stump. Maxwell flicks it aerially, connecting well, but without much control over direction. The ball makes a beeline in the air, straight to Nurse at fine leg. There's a no-ball check, but Rampaul has landed behind the line.

       Mendis to Sehwag       103/4

Mendis to Sehwag,OUT,big shout. Huge shout. That's plumb. Mendis pitches it on middle and straightens it. Sehwag is expecting more turn as he shapes to lap-sweep. The ball hits him in front of middle and would have gone on to take a good chunk of the stumps. The finger is raised and Mohali is silent.

       Mendis to Bailey       127/5

Mendis to Bailey,OUT,got him this time. That's a regular leggie pitched on middle and straightening. Bailey tries to pull that high over cow corner again, but the ball is onto him too quickly and he only manages to send it down Franklin's throat

       Nurse to Perera       131/6

Nurse to Perera,OUT,gone first ball. The spinners are wrapping this middle order up in their web. This was fired in short at Perera's body. The batsman goes back and tries to thwack it over the cow corner boundary. He can't connect as well as he likes and it goes high into the night. Carter settles under the ball and takes it gleefully.

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