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St Lucia Zouks vs Barbados Tridents
Finished : St Lucia Zouks won by 30 runs
St Lucia Zouks
( 20 overs )
Barbados Tridents
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - St Lucia Zouks 1 INN
       Rampaul to Charles       8/1

Rampaul to Charles,OUT,no no..! What a soft dismissal. It was a length ball on off stump, tried to tuck it off his hip, got a leading edge and Muna at square leg takes a dolly

       Mendis to Pietersen       146/2

Mendis to Pietersen,OUT,tossed up on leg stump, down the track and whips to deep mid wicket, Carter out there takes a fine low catch

       Mendis to Davids       146/3

Mendis to Davids,OUT,ripper..! Tossed up on off stump, induced the big booming drive. It was a wrong one and it sneaks through the gate. Bowled'em

       Mendis to Fletcher       182/4

Mendis to Fletcher,OUT,Mr. Nero raises his finger..! Wrong one, pitched on off and thuds on his pad before making connection with the bat. Loud cry leg before and Nero obliges. I reckon it was clipping off

       Emrit to Sammy       199/5

Emrit to Sammy,OUT,slower ball, aimed at the stumps. Skipper goes for the heave, misses and the ball cannon onto the stumps.

Fall of wickets - Barbados Tridents 1 INN
       Shillingford to Munaweera       41/1

Shillingford to Munaweera,OUT,down the track and pulled a length ball, against the wind and straight into the throat of Sammy at deep mid-wicket. Muna walks off after a little cameo

       Sammy to Smith       47/2

Sammy to Smith,OUT,Sammy..! Brings himself on and bowls a length ball on off stump. Smith goes for an almighty heave but top edges towards mid-on. Sammy calls for the catch and takes a fine catch.

       McCullum to Carter       81/3

McCullum to Carter,OUT,extra ball has yield them a wicket. It was tossed up outside off, Carter was compelled to play some shots. Mis-read the script and tried to slog towards mid-wicket, it just spun enough to take the top edge. Fletcher steps forward and pockets a dolly. He's definitely my Man-of-the-match for today's game, he can do no wrong..!

       Sammy to Shoaib Malik       98/4

Sammy to Shoaib Malik,OUT,runs down the track for another whack and he has to keep running to the dug-out. He saunters down the track and Sammy drags his length back a bit, Malik on the move plays an expensive pull and it settles with Charles at long-on

       Sammy to Mendis       98/5

Sammy to Mendis,OUT,fuller one on middle and leg, Mendis gleefully chips it straight to KP at long-on.

       Gabriel to Holder       152/6

Gabriel to Holder,OUT,Fletcher..! Full on off stump and doesn't make any connection and through to the keeper. Andre Fletcher sticks his hand out and plucks it out. Pollard calls for the run and he hits the bulls eye

       Edwards to Hope       171/7

Edwards to Hope,OUT,oh no..! He was striking well down the ground but then he opts play a delicate lap shot. Field was too quick and straight this time around. He misses his ramp shot and it middle pole goes cart-wheeling

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