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Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab
Finished : Chennai Super Kings won by 97 runs
Chennai Super Kings
( 20 overs )
Kings XI Punjab
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Chennai Super Kings 1 INN
       Anureet Singh to Smith       50/1

Anureet Singh to Smith,OUT,Anureet strikes! He bangs it short, Smith is tucked up for room and does not get hold of the attempted pull. The ball grazes the front thigh, elbow and then disturbs the leg stump

       Patel to McCullum       116/2

Patel to McCullum,OUT,Baz has holed out to long-off. No mistake from Miller. Axar tosses this up, Baz backs away and lofts it to long-off. Miller runs forward, dives and pouches it

       Karanveer Singh to Dhoni       144/3

Karanveer Singh to Dhoni,OUT,A run-out chance and they go upstairs. Karanveer dives across to his right and deflects the ball onto the non-strikers'. Raina's bat is in the air. He has to depart. This was darted flatter and on middle, Dhoni drills it ram-rod straight. Karanveer manages to tip it onto the stumps. Raina's bat was in the air when the bails came off the groove

Fall of wickets - Kings XI Punjab 1 INN
       Pandey to Sehwag       4/1

Pandey to Sehwag,OUT,Viru gone for one! How soft was that? Good length and outside off, looks like it stuck in the pitch and stopped on Viru. He checks his push. He is crease-bound as he spoons it into the hands of Faf at mid-off

       Nehra to Marsh       35/2

Nehra to Marsh,OUT,Marsh has been given out lbw! Fractionally back of a length and swerves in on middle, Marsh seeks to flick it away, but is rapped on the front pad on the knee roll. The umpire raises his forefinger

       Jadeja to Bailey       40/3

Jadeja to Bailey,OUT,Jadeja strikes in his first over, Kings XI reduced to 40 for 3. Jadeja sets off on a celebratory run with his hands aloft in joy. Jadeja loops this up outside off and gets it to turn away, Bailey is glued to the crease as he aims to drive it over the covers. Only manages an outside edge that is held by Dhoni

       Jadeja to Miller       55/4

Jadeja to Miller,OUT,What's with Dhoni and leg-slips? Faf hugs Raina. This is a sharp, low catch. This was pushed through on a leg-stump line, Miller tickles it. Raina moves to his left and takes it before tumbling onto the ground

       Ashwin to Vijay       55/5

Ashwin to Vijay,OUT,Vijay's promising innings come to an end. Kings XI reeling at 55 for 5. This was tossed up outside off, Vijay skips out, picks it up from there and drops it to deep midwicket. Bravo comes forward, pouches it and breaks into a customary jig

       Ashwin to Patel       66/6

Ashwin to Patel,OUT,Ashwin has his man! He gives this ample air outside off and gets it to turn away. Axar is lured out of the crease, swipes across the line and misses. Dhoni whips the bails off in a flash

       Jadeja to Johnson       69/7

Jadeja to Johnson,OUT,Kings XI continue to stumble. Fuller and on middle and leg, Johnson sinks to one knee for a slog-sweep. He does not connect well and top-edges it to deep backward square leg. Nehra dives forward and comes out with the ball in his hands and a big smile on his face. In contrast, Johnson throws his head back

       Nehra to Saha       90/8

Nehra to Saha,OUT,Saha finds Ashwin. Fractionally back of a length and on middle, Saha aims for a pick-up shot. Mishits it in the air over backward square leg. Ashwin runs across to his left from long leg and takes it.

       Sharma to Anureet Singh       94/9

Sharma to Anureet Singh,OUT,another soft dismissal. Anureet backs away outside leg, Mohit follows him with a back-of-the-hand slower ball with some extra bounce. Sliced straight down the throat of Jadeja at backward point. That was the definition of a dolly

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