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Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Finished : Pakistan won by 29 runs
( 20 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Mathews to Mukhtar Ahmed       10/1

Mathews to Mukhtar Ahmed,OUT,Mathews strikes already. Mukhtar has been denied any room, and he has been itching to make room. with this ball too he is looking to back away. Mathews stays tight, bowls short of a length and around off. In the end, out of position, Mukhtar tries to whip it to leg, and gets a thick outside edge to short third man

       NLTC Perera to Mohammad Hafeez       52/2

NLTC Perera to Mohammad Hafeez,OUT,a long hop gets a wicket. Perera bowls a slower legcutter, but this is short and Hafeez has picked it early. He goes for the pull, but it is one of those days when you hit it out of the crews and straight to the man at deep midwicket. How Hafeez will he hoping he had mistimed this

       NLTC Perera to Ahmed Shehzad       83/3

NLTC Perera to Ahmed Shehzad,OUT,oh he has ramped him straight to short fine leg. He shuffles across, meets this on the full, and times it pretty much off the middle of the bat, but the fact that he is dragging it from well outside off means he has not got the distance he wants. Malinga takes a head-high catch at short fine leg

       Malinga to Umar Akmal       164/4

Malinga to Umar Akmal,OUT,Malinga won't get the fifty. Nor will Akmal. That's a Malinga special. Rare one, but we get one today. Akmal is right in front of the stumps to set a strong back-foot base, Malinga bowls a yorker that is slightly off pace. It squeezes under the bat, which comes down on the right line, but slightly early. Hits him on the back foot and dead in front

       Fernando to Shahid Afridi       175/5

Fernando to Shahid Afridi,OUT,first wicket for Fernando in international cricket. Slower length ball that hits top of off with vigorous activity of Afridi moving across and trying to scoop it over short fine all around it

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Anwar Ali to MDKJ Perera       4/1

Anwar Ali to MDKJ Perera,OUT,and once again on the tour, Anwar Ali's slower ball has accounted for Perera. And not for the first time, Perera is out in the first over. Slower ball, on a length, on off, Perera tries for that Jayasuriya shot into the cow corner, and gets a massive top edge for mid-on to catch

       Sohail Tanvir to Dilshan       13/2

Sohail Tanvir to Dilshan,OUT,Tanvir strikes too. The openers are back in the hut. Seam-up, short of a length, on off, seams away a touch, bounces too, gets a little big on the Dilshan drive, and takes the edge through to the keeper

       Sohail Tanvir to Vithanage       19/3

Sohail Tanvir to Vithanage,OUT,Tanvir doesn't even realise he has bowled Vithanage. This is a wide half-volley, Vithanage goes for the drive, gets a massive inside edge, and lo the bails are off. Tanvir doesn't realise that, and raises his arms in disappointment. And then he breaks into a smile

       Imad Wasim to Mathews       55/4

Imad Wasim to Mathews,OUT,there's the big fish. Mathews is getting more and more desperate every passing delivery. He slogs at a straight length ball, and the quicker ball crashes into the exposed middle stump

       Shoaib Malik to de Silva       92/5

Shoaib Malik to de Silva,OUT,and de Silva opens up his arms only to mistime this to deep midwicket. De Silva looks a good player, but massive hits doesn't seem to be his game. Here he has no choice but to look for that massive hit. The wily Malik gives him little pace to work with. He sweeps hard, and finds deep midwicket with it

       Sohail Tanvir to Siriwardana       116/6

Sohail Tanvir to Siriwardana,OUT,and Tanvir and the run-rate pressure get him finally. This is not quite the yorker, but it is full enough to not be a half-volley. Siri can't afford to play it to its merit. He goes low to try to manufacture a loft down the ground, but doesn;t get the elevation and the power he wants. Long-on takes an easy catch, and barring Thisara Perera now it might be all over

       Anwar Ali to NLTC Perera       121/7

Anwar Ali to NLTC Perera,OUT,smart bowling. Anwar knows Perera by batting on off stump has limited his options to cow corner. And the last thing he wants is the bouncer. And he is not expecting it either because the fine leg is up. And he is late on the hook when it is actually bowled, and the top edge kisses the sky and settles with the keeper, Rizwan

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