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New Zealand vs Pakistan
In Progress : Pakistan require another 276 runs with 9 wickets and 49.0 overs remaining
New Zealand
( 50 overs )
( 1 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Mohammad Irfan to Guptill       20/1

Mohammad Irfan to Guptill,OUT,bounce! Edged! Taken! Terrific channel from the tall fast bowler who catches Guptill on the crease with a shortish delivery that darted across him after pitching. The batsman tried to open the face to get better control of his poke. No such luck as Shafiq dives to his right and makes no mistake

       Zulfiqar Babar to Brownlie       86/2

Zulfiqar Babar to Brownlie,OUT,up comes the finger and Brownlie has missed out on a start again! Had a chat with his captain and then decides to walk off. It was too plumb to even hope. Plays down the wrong line to a fuller delivery that slides on with the arm. Hit very low on the pads and quite adjacent with the stumps

       Shahid Afridi to Williamson       202/3

Shahid Afridi to Williamson,OUT,he's walking! The sweep, and the need to score quickly, has ended a magnificent innings from the New Zealand captain. Tossed up a lot slower than the other Afridi darts which makes the top-edge appear, deflect off the peak of his helmet, I think and then sit in the gloves of the wicketkeeper who was running forward

       Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi       241/4

Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi,OUT,runs down the track and he's toe-ended it! Afridi lines it up, but it pops out! Juggles it once, then again, and finally pouches it with his left hand behind him. Good composure from the Pakistan captain and Ronchi's breezy little knock ends

Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Henry to Nasir Jamshed       0/1

Henry to Nasir Jamshed,OUT,given out leg before, but Jamshed is wondering if it was pitched outside leg. Has a loooong conversation with his partner and loses the time that was there to opt for a review. New Zealand have been hustling batsmen out with pace all through the series and this one was just on a good length and skids onto the batsman. Brings out the panicked swipe across the line and is struck in line with off stump. Clearly pitched outside leg, oh dear, umpire Wilson...

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