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Australia vs India
Stumps : India trail by 68 runs with 2 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
( 142.3 overs )
( 126.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Yadav to Warner       0/1

Yadav to Warner,OUT,first strike! Dhawan takes a smart catch at third slip. This takes off from a length and catches the shoulder of the bat - Warner was jabbing at that while on the crease - it flies low towards the cordon. Dhawan has been one of the more secure hands there and he doesn't make a mistake.

       Mohammed Shami to Rogers       115/2

Mohammed Shami to Rogers,OUT,bowls length delivery outside off and manages to get the outside edge! If they needed any confirmation about what is the right length to bowl on this pitch, this is it. Rogers pushed at it but it kept going away with the angle

       Ashwin to Watson       115/3

Ashwin to Watson,OUT,and another wicket! Watson goes for the sweep when he was playing solidly with the straight bat. He misses the ball, gets rapped in front of the off stump

       Mohammed Shami to Marsh       184/4

Mohammed Shami to Marsh,OUT,another one for Shami! This is a loose shot by Marsh. It's the length delivery outside off again, and Marsh goes for a front foot cut shot, which would have worked well in sub-continent, but not here.. The bounce means it takes the outside edge and flies to the keeper

       Yadav to Burns       216/5

Yadav to Burns,OUT,Mr Burns has to go! He goes for the pull that is not really short enough, and he gets a bottom edge through to the keeper. That's 13 on debut for the batsman. That came in a touch too, cramping the batsman

       Mohammed Shami to Haddin       326/6

Mohammed Shami to Haddin,OUT,a wicket from nowhere! Haddin looks to leave this length delivery outside off but is a little too late to get his bat out of the way.. this takes the bottom edge and dies on to the keeper but Dhoni takes a good low catch

       Ashwin to Johnson       376/7

Ashwin to Johnson,OUT,he has missed this one completely! Johnson steps out early to slog it over the leg side but this drifts in and slides through the gap. Dhoni does the rest. Johnson doesn't even look back. Knows he is gone the moment his misses it

       Ashwin to Harris       482/8

Ashwin to Harris,OUT,and he misses a straight ball to be given out lbw! He went for the big sweep and missed it completely. That would have hit the stumps

       Mohammed Shami to Lyon       530/9

Mohammed Shami to Lyon,OUT,swings and misses a straight one, that one hits the leg stump. Lyon doesn't really care. He has done the job of rubbing it in.

       Yadav to Smith       530/10

Yadav to Smith,OUT,he has lost his middle stump! He goes all the way to the off side to play a ramp shot, but misses a straight delivery. It strikes the top of middle stump. To be frank, the bowlers never looked like taking that wicket and it was up to Smith to do something crazy to give it away

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Harris to Dhawan       55/1

Harris to Dhawan,OUT,that's the outside edge! Harris bowls it short of length on off stump and this one does a little to catch the shoulder of the bat and flies to Smith who takes a good low catch at second slip. Dhawan hung is bat loosely there, falls yet again after getting a start to the innings

       Harris to Pujara       108/2

Harris to Pujara,OUT,a wicket second ball! Stunning catch by Haddin. Yesterday he had dropped a much simpler one, but this time Haddin more than makes up for it. He dives full length to his right and plucks this with one hand, catches it in the webbing. It would have gone straight to first slip anyway, but these catches charge up the fielders. Poor shot from Pujara as he tried to cut something that wasn't so far wide.. he got a little cramped for room

       Watson to Vijay       147/3

Watson to Vijay,OUT,Vijay has given it away! Watson keeps pegging away at that off stump line and finally Vijay is lured into a loose shot. He stays in the crease and looks to cut it through backward point, but that has flown of the edge straight to first slip.There were similarities to Pujara's shot there.

       Lyon to Rahane       409/4

Lyon to Rahane,OUT,and there is the breakthrough! Rahane looks to repeat the sweep shot but this is much straighter and fuller from Lyon, he misses and his hit on the back pad. The umpire takes time and then raises his finger. Rahane gets a pat on the back from Kohli and a standing ovation from the crowd as he walks back. Superb innings from him.

       Lyon to Rahul       415/5

Lyon to Rahul,OUT,he's gone next ball, it was full and well outside off, hitting the rough as well, Rahul goes for an expansive sweep, top edges that towards backward square leg, simple catch and it is not put down this time, there's plenty of hype around Rahul, but he's played a couple of strange shots in his short debut innings

       Harris to Dhoni       430/6

Harris to Dhoni,OUT,he flirts with this length ball outside off and gets out caught behind! He was trying to run it down to third-man. It works so well in ODIs but for some reason, he keeps getting out this way in Tests

       Harris to Ashwin       434/7

Harris to Ashwin,OUT,and here's another one! Harris takes a tumbling catch in his follow through. Ashwin drives at this fuller delivery and is not able to keep it down, Harris stretches his right hand out, is not able to cling on. Luckily the ball doesn't get away from him and he is able to make a second grab at that

       Johnson to Kohli       462/8

Johnson to Kohli,OUT,and he gets the wicket! After 29 overs of toil, Johnson has something to show. But check that out for a catch from Haddin. He dives full length to his right and plucks it in front of first slip. It was going straight into Watson's hands. Kohli tried to chase that full and wide delivery, but got a thick outside edge.

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