Live Cricket Scores
Queensland vs New South Wales
Finished : New South Wales won by 7 wickets
New South Wales
Fall of wickets - Queensland 1 INN
       Abbott to Heazlett       14/2

Abbott to Heazlett,OUT

       Abbott to Labuschagne       24/3

Abbott to Labuschagne,OUT

       Henriques to Reardon       75/4

Henriques to Reardon,OUT

       O'Keefe to Hartley       212/6

O'Keefe to Hartley,OUT

       Bollinger to Wildermuth       225/7

Bollinger to Wildermuth,OUT

       Bollinger to Floros       241/8

Bollinger to Floros,1 run, OUT

       Bollinger to Cutting       243/9

Bollinger to Cutting,OUT

       O'Keefe to Hopes       259/10

O'Keefe to Hopes,OUT

Fall of wickets - New South Wales 1 INN
       Hopes to Carters       23/1

Hopes to Carters,OUT

       Hopes to Patterson       49/2

Hopes to Patterson,OUT

       Steketee to Cowan       184/3

Steketee to Cowan,OUT

       Hopes to Rohrer       221/4

Hopes to Rohrer,OUT

       Wildermuth to Maddinson       263/5

Wildermuth to Maddinson,OUT

       Wildermuth to Abbott       263/6

Wildermuth to Abbott,OUT

       Steketee to Lenton       281/7

Steketee to Lenton,OUT

       Hopes to O'Keefe       281/8

Hopes to O'Keefe,OUT

       Steketee to Sandhu       303/9

Steketee to Sandhu,OUT

Fall of wickets - Queensland 2 INN
       Sandhu to Henry       19/1

Sandhu to Henry,OUT

       O'Keefe to Renshaw       50/2

O'Keefe to Renshaw,OUT

       Bollinger to Heazlett       51/3

Bollinger to Heazlett,OUT

       O'Keefe to Labuschagne       51/4

O'Keefe to Labuschagne,OUT

       O'Keefe to Floros       122/5

O'Keefe to Floros,OUT

       Abbott to Hartley       131/6

Abbott to Hartley,OUT

       Bollinger to Reardon       134/7

Bollinger to Reardon,OUT

       Bollinger to Hopes       134/8

Bollinger to Hopes,OUT

       O'Keefe to Cutting       143/9

O'Keefe to Cutting,OUT

       Sandhu to Wildermuth       145/10

Sandhu to Wildermuth,OUT

Fall of wickets - New South Wales 2 INN
       Hopes to Cowan       10/1

Hopes to Cowan,OUT

       Steketee to Carters       16/2

Steketee to Carters,OUT

       Floros to Maddinson       45/3

Floros to Maddinson,OUT

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