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Hobart Hurricanes vs Kings XI Punjab
In Progress : Kings XI Punjab won the toss and elected to field
Hobart Hurricanes
( 18 overs )
Kings XI Punjab

  , Patel to Wells, OUT, short and wide, tapped towards point, straight at the fielder, Wells sets off for a single, there was no time for the run there, Birt knows that and sends Wells back, Wells can't turn around and get back in time, Hurricanes lose their fifth
  , Patel to Birt, 1 run, sent towards wide mid-on for a single
  , Patel to Birt, no run, again quick one from Patel, Birt makes room and looks to chop that over the off side, he misses
  , Patel to Wells, 1 run, fired in towards the batsman, driven towards long-on for a single
  , Perera to Wells, 1 run, shortish and on middle and leg, looks to pull that powerfully, bottom edge and the ball rolls towards the leg side
  , Perera to Wells, no run, Perera responds with a bouncer, good line heading for the batsman, Wells gets out of the path of that one
  , Perera to Wells, FOUR, length ball is driven towards long-off, superbly put away by Wells, places it past extra cover
  , Perera to Wells, FOUR, full ball outside off, driven powerfully over mid-off, just over the fielder's head
  , Perera to Birt, 1 run, just outside off, slapped towards deep backward point
  , Perera to Wells, 1 run, length ball on off stump, Wells makes room to guide the ball behind point, a quick single is taken, there's a direct hit from an overthrow but the batsman is well in
  , Patel to Birt, no run, length ball outside off, no run, and Kings XI will be happy with an eight-run over at this stage of the innings
  , Patel to Wells, 1 run, worked towards midwicket for a single, once again Wells dances down the track before he plays that
  , Patel to Wells, FOUR, just a bit of width, a powerful square cut for four past point
  , Patel to Birt, 1 run, full and on the pads, 97kph, Birt goes for the slog sweep, can't connect properly, towards square leg
  , Patel to Wells, 1 run, the batsman skips down the crease, eases the ball towards long-on for a single
  , Patel to Birt, 1 run, length ball on middle and off, defended from well within the crease, to the left of the bowler
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, 1 run, spinning down the leg side, tucked towards backward square leg for a single
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, 2 runs, clipped towards square leg, a misfield allows the second
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, SIX, length ball, in the slot for the big-hitting Birt, who hammers that for six over wide long-on
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, 1 wide, a big wide down the leg side
  , Karanveer Singh to Wells, 1 leg bye, drops it short, plenty of flight there, the ball turns away from the advancing batsman, can't do much with that, blocked to the leg side
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, 1 run, drilled towards long-off for a single
  , Karanveer Singh to Birt, SIX, full and wide, that is a massive hit, went way up in the air, so high that you initially through it might not carry all the way, but it clears the straight boundary by a long way
  , Anureet Singh to Wells, FOUR, length ball is driven through cover, Miller gives chase, it's going to be close, Miller puts in the head-first dive but the ball is too quick for him
  , Anureet Singh to Birt, 1 leg bye,
  , Anureet Singh to Wells, 1 run, slapped towards deep point this time
  , Anureet Singh to Wells, no run, looks to cut, a play and miss
  , Anureet Singh to Wells, FOUR, short and wide, launches that over cover for four, that was a hit-me delivery
  , Anureet Singh to Wells, no run, short and wide outside off, hit low on the blade as he looks to hammer the ball through the off side
  , Karanveer Singh to Wells, 1 run, spinning away outside off, slapped towards cover
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