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Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne Renegades
Finished : Perth Scorchers won by 35 runs
Perth Scorchers
( 20 overs )
Melbourne Renegades
( 20 overs )

  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, OUT, A wicket to end the things up, Russell tried too much, that's full on the stumps and goes through his slog though he initially wanted to walk across the stumps and work it over shortish fine leg.
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, FOUR, yorker length delivery down leg, Russell gets some edge onto it which passes through the keeper, unable to control himself as he lands down
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, 1 run, OUT, fuller length delivery down the leg, dugs it away towards wide of midwicket, Russell comes back for the second and throw comes to the bowler's end where Fekete was found short.
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, FOUR, on a good length outside off, hammers it down the ground and gets a boundary
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, SIX, that's been send over wide of long-on, fuller in length and outside off, clears the front leg and delivered with great power
  , Yasir Arafat to Fekete, 1 leg bye, on a length down leg, clips the pad of Fekete and rolls to the leg side
  , Tye to Russell, no run, ends up with another full delivery and once again Russell been beaten
  , Tye to Russell, no run, fuller length delivery outside off as Russell unable to get bat onto it
  , Tye to Short, OUT, Short goes for mighty slog which been taken by Klinger running back from the midwicket, that's been pushed full and well outside off
  , Tye to Russell, 1 run, picks that from wide outside off and ends up dragging it down to long-on
  , Tye to Russell, SIX, another one, half-volley and he clears the front leg and lofts that high over the sight screen
  , Tye to Russell, SIX, that's out of the park, full toss been pushed on the stumps and Russell greets that with a swat over midwicket
  , Yasir Arafat to Short, no run, Short walks across the stumps as he tries for a scoop and been beaten by a slower length delivery
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, 1 run, fuller length delivery down leg, works it away to deep midwicket
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, 5 wides, slower bouncer outside off, no one able too reach it
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, 2 runs, dropped, that's full as Russell goes for another slog which went miles high in the air towards wide of long-on, Type unable to hold it
  , Yasir Arafat to Short, 1 run, shortish and down leg, works it away to long leg for a single
  , Yasir Arafat to Russell, 1 run,
  , Yasir Arafat to Short, 1 leg bye, fuller length delivery down leg, swings it towards the deepish midwicket
  , Behrendorff to Short, 1 run, yorker length delivery outside off, pushes it to the off side for a single
  , Behrendorff to Rohrer, OUT, Rohrer walks back as he tries to cut it, shortish and angling in from around off. He stays on the crease and didn't reach to the top of the bounce, ends up with a healthy edge back to the keeper
  , Behrendorff to Russell, 1 run, yorker length delivery on middle and off, digs it out down the ground
  , Behrendorff to Russell, no run, fuller length which been pushed wide of off, unable to get bat onto it
  , Behrendorff to Rohrer, 1 run, shortish and angling in from outside off, pulls it down to deep square leg
  , Behrendorff to Russell, 1 run, full toss on the off stump, sends it down towards midwicket
  , Tye to Rohrer, 2 runs, full toss on middle and leg, flicks it away to wide of deep midwicket for a couple
  , Tye to Rohrer, no run, full and outside off, driven it straight back into the hands of Tye, dropped
  , Tye to Rohrer, FOUR, back of a length delivery down leg, works it away to the right of shortish fine leg
  , Tye to Rohrer, no run, back of a length around off, tries to work it on the leg side, inside edge to the pad
  , Tye to Rohrer, no run, on a length and slanting away, pushes it from crease towards point
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