Live Cricket Scores
Kent vs Surrey
Finished : Surrey won by 3 wickets
Fall of wickets - Kent 1 INN
       Fletcher to Denly       0/1

Fletcher to Denly,OUT

       Ansari to Bell-Drummond       49/2

Ansari to Bell-Drummond,OUT

       Ansari to Key       182/3

Ansari to Key,OUT

       Curran to Northeast       182/4

Curran to Northeast,OUT

       Dunn to Stevens       189/5

Dunn to Stevens,OUT

       Curran to Billings       235/6

Curran to Billings,OUT

       Curran to Haggett       237/7

Curran to Haggett,OUT

       Roy to Coles       270/8

Roy to Coles,OUT

       Dunn to Cowdrey       278/9

Dunn to Cowdrey,OUT

       Dunn to Thomas       282/9

Dunn to Thomas,OUT

Fall of wickets - Surrey 1 INN
       Coles to Ansari       11/1

Coles to Ansari,OUT

       Coles to Burns       32/2

Coles to Burns,OUT

       Thomas to Dunn       52/3

Thomas to Dunn,OUT

       Stevens to Sangakkara       52/4

Stevens to Sangakkara,OUT

       Riley to Davies       128/5

Riley to Davies,OUT

       Stevens to Roy       155/6

Stevens to Roy,OUT

       Stevens to Sibley       170/7

Stevens to Sibley,OUT

       Coles to Wilson       225/8

Coles to Wilson,OUT

       Coles to Batty       256/9

Coles to Batty,OUT

       Stevens to Fletcher       292/10

Stevens to Fletcher,OUT

Fall of wickets - Kent 2 INN
       Dunn to Bell-Drummond       16/1

Dunn to Bell-Drummond,OUT

       Dunn to Key       56/2

Dunn to Key,OUT

       Ansari to Northeast       97/3

Ansari to Northeast,OUT

       Ansari to Cowdrey       113/4

Ansari to Cowdrey,OUT

       Ansari to Stevens       115/5

Ansari to Stevens,OUT

       Ansari to Billings       115/6

Ansari to Billings,OUT

       Batty to Denly       159/7

Batty to Denly,OUT

       Batty to Haggett       188/8

Batty to Haggett,OUT

       Batty to Coles       201/9

Batty to Coles,OUT

       Dunn to Thomas       204/10

Dunn to Thomas,OUT

Fall of wickets - Surrey 2 INN
       Stevens to Ansari       41/1

Stevens to Ansari,OUT

       Coles to Sangakkara       75/3

Coles to Sangakkara,OUT

       Stevens to Dunn       75/4

Stevens to Dunn,OUT

       Thomas to Sibley       108/5

Thomas to Sibley,OUT

       Riley to Davies       162/6

Riley to Davies,OUT

       Coles to Wilson       177/7

Coles to Wilson,OUT

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