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Hobart Hurricanes vs Kings XI Punjab
Finished : Kings XI Punjab won by 5 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)
Hobart Hurricanes
( 20 overs )
Kings XI Punjab
( 17.4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Hobart Hurricanes 1 INN
       Patel to Paine       15/1

Patel to Paine,OUT,success for Akshar early on, Tim Paine's troubled stay is over, arm ball slides through, Paine looking to crash the ball through the off side, the ball crashes into the stumps instead, too early to start the Australians v spin thing?

       Perera to Dunk       43/2

Perera to Dunk,OUT,two down. Dunk is down the pitch, looks to hit down the ground, targeting long-off, perhaps, but the angle away from him and a touch of extra bounce forces him to hit towards deep cover, doesn't time it, and Maxwell runs to his left and dives to take the catch some 20 meters inside the boundary

       Perera to Blizzard       71/3

Perera to Blizzard,OUT,soft! a length ball is scooped towards extra cover and Blizzard's on his way back, just as Hurricanes were getting some momentum, they lose the man who has spent at least some amount of time in middle

       Karanveer Singh to Shoaib Malik       78/4

Karanveer Singh to Shoaib Malik,OUT,and another wicket for Kings XI, Malik was looking to smear that over the leg side, got on one knee as he played that, but his shot only goes as far as midwicket, Hurricanes in trouble here

       Patel to Wells       130/5

Patel to Wells,OUT,short and wide, tapped towards point, straight at the fielder, Wells sets off for a single, there was no time for the run there, Birt knows that and sends Wells back, Wells can't turn around and get back in time, Hurricanes lose their fifth

       Awana to Birt       143/6

Awana to Birt,OUT,Birt looks for something fancy, Kings XI persist with that full and on leg stump policy, Birt wanted to scoop that over short fine leg, he can't get enough on it to clear the fielder, Hurricanes can't find the accelerator here

Fall of wickets - Kings XI Punjab 1 INN
       Bollinger to Sehwag       0/1

Bollinger to Sehwag,OUT,golden duck for Sehwag! oh dear, Mphali doesn't like it, it wasn't exactly a great delivery, but it has got them a huge wicket, short and wide, Sehwag doesn't care whether it is the first ball of the innings or the last ball of the day, he is going to go for shots, he reaches out for this one, only connects with the toe of the bat, holes out to third man

       Bollinger to Saha       21/2

Bollinger to Saha,OUT,it's been a pretty poor innings from Saha, did he middle any delivery in his short stay, here's another one skied high as Saha looks to clobber the ball, Shoaib Malik settles under it at mid-on, Bollinger has struck again

       Hilfenhaus to Miller       23/3

Hilfenhaus to Miller,OUT,Miller time is over, he has holed out to mid-off, a length ball that Miller wanted to hammer over the infield, he gets more height than distance

       Laughlin to Vohra       51/4

Laughlin to Vohra,OUT,and another batsman holes out in the circle going for the big hit, Vohra hasn't been at his most fluent today, this time he miscues to mid-off, Laughlin underlines his reputation as a wicket-taker

       Gulbis to Maxwell       77/5

Gulbis to Maxwell,OUT,silence in Mohali, the Maxwell show is over, he was again looking to flat bat a shortish ball, there's an edge through to the keeper, 2-3 more overs of Maxwell and this game was over as a contest, it isn't now, Hurricanes are overjoyed, Gulbis has got the big wicket

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