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Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Finished : Kolkata Knight Riders won by 3 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
Chennai Super Kings
( 20 overs )
Kolkata Knight Riders
( 19 overs )
Fall of wickets - Chennai Super Kings 1 INN
       Chawla to Smith       37/1

Chawla to Smith,OUT,got him! That was back of a length, and he rocked back to cut but it was too close to him, with that extra bounce, and Bisla does very well to catch it off the outside edge

       Pathan to McCullum       49/2

Pathan to McCullum,OUT,given! Looks for the reverse sweep and is hit on the pad, and the finger goes up as soon as Yusuf appeals... whoa! That didn't even hit his pad! It turned in from outside off and hit McCullum's hand, just above the forearm!

       Narine to Raina       84/3

Narine to Raina,OUT,big appeal, and he's given! That one hurried on, angling towards off stump, as he went back and shaped to play the late cut. The ball struck his back pad before his bat could come down. They're checking for a front-foot no-ball... That's close. Heel is in the air, but is it just behind the line or right over it, or millimeters in front? They've given it out. It straightened after pitching, and looked to be hitting off stump

       Chawla to du Plessis       86/4

Chawla to du Plessis,OUT,did he lift his foot there? He looked to drive this ball, tossed up outside off, and it went through with the angle, went between bat and pad, and Bisla whipped off the bails. He overbalanced slightly, and lifted his back foot for just an instant... I think his foot is a centimeter in the air when he disturbs the stumps, but are the bails off before he brings his foot down? What does the big screen say? OUT!

Fall of wickets - Kolkata Knight Riders 1 INN
       Nehra to Gambhir       9/1

Nehra to Gambhir,OUT,length ball on off stump, and he tries to repeat the shot he played against Pandey in the previous over but this time he can only scoop that straight to Bravo at mid-on. This time it was swinging away from him a touch, and he was always working against that

       Nehra to Pandey       9/2

Nehra to Pandey,OUT,and he's gone first ball! Takes a step down the pitch and looks to clear mid-on or pierce the gap between the bowler and mid-on - not sure what he was looking to do. All he manages is to hit it straight to mid-on, where Mohit took an excellent catch, tumbling forward

       Sharma to Pathan       10/3

Sharma to Pathan,OUT,and he strikes first ball! Lovely outswinger outside off, and Yusuf didn't move his feet at all, poked at it, and the edge flies at chest height to Faf at first slip

       Nehra to Bisla       21/4

Nehra to Bisla,OUT,that's another catch at mid-on. What was he looking to do here? Tried to flick that, against the angle, from outside off, and all he managed was to scoop it in the air, gently, down into Ashwin's hands

       Jadeja to SA Yadav       51/5

Jadeja to SA Yadav,OUT,oh, my. That wasn't a great shot. He was backing away from the line, and then he tried to swipe him across the line, over the leg side, and all he could do was get a top-edge that looped into short third man's hands

       Nehra to Russell       131/6

Nehra to Russell,OUT,what a reply! That was the yorker again, and Russell looks to make some room but before he can bring his bat down his off stump is doing somersaults behind him

       Ashwin to ten Doeschate       155/7

Ashwin to ten Doeschate,OUT,Gone! Back of a length, and he chopped it to Jadeja at backward point and they set off immediately. It wasn't a direct hit, but he threw it hard and flat into the keeper's gloves and replays confirm Cummins is definitely short of the crease

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