Live Cricket Scores
New South Wales vs Western Australia
Lunch : New South Wales trail by 1 run with 6 wickets remaining
New South Wales
Western Australia
Fall of wickets - New South Wales 1 INN
       Turner to Cowan       116/1

Turner to Cowan,OUT

       Moody to Hughes       139/2

Moody to Hughes,OUT

       Moody to Maddinson       243/3

Moody to Maddinson,OUT

       Moody to Rohrer       247/4

Moody to Rohrer,OUT

       Paris to Patterson       282/5

Paris to Patterson,OUT

       Rimmington to Copeland       285/6

Rimmington to Copeland,OUT

       Hogan to Nevill       307/7

Hogan to Nevill,OUT

       Voges to Sandhu       366/8

Voges to Sandhu,OUT

       Bosisto to Lyon       379/9

Bosisto to Lyon,OUT

       Turner to Abbott       402/10

Turner to Abbott,OUT

Fall of wickets - Western Australia 1 INN
       Copeland to Bosisto       33/1

Copeland to Bosisto,OUT

       Copeland to Bancroft       85/2

Copeland to Bancroft,OUT

       Bollinger to Klinger       111/3

Bollinger to Klinger,OUT

       Lyon to Turner       190/4

Lyon to Turner,OUT

Fall of wickets - New South Wales 2 INN
       Paris to Hughes       6/1

Paris to Hughes,OUT

       Paris to Lyon       25/2

Paris to Lyon,OUT

       Paris to Patterson       36/3

Paris to Patterson,OUT

       Bosisto to Rohrer       77/4

Bosisto to Rohrer,OUT

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