Live Cricket Scores
Kent vs Lancashire
In Progress : Lancashire trail by 136 runs with 6 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Kent 1 INN
       Bailey to Bell-Drummond       72/1

Bailey to Bell-Drummond,OUT

       Clark to Denly       221/2

Clark to Denly,OUT

       Clark to Key       224/3

Clark to Key,OUT

       Clark to Tredwell       257/4

Clark to Tredwell,OUT

       Bailey to Harmison       315/5

Bailey to Harmison,OUT

       Kerrigan to Stevens       498/6

Kerrigan to Stevens,OUT

       Kerrigan to Northeast       511/7

Kerrigan to Northeast,OUT

       Croft to Davies       548/8

Croft to Davies,OUT

Fall of wickets - Lancashire 1 INN
       Stevens to Hameed       42/1

Stevens to Hameed,OUT

       Stevens to Petersen       46/2

Stevens to Petersen,OUT

       Hunn to Prince       76/3

Hunn to Prince,OUT

       Coles to Brown       97/4

Coles to Brown,OUT

       Coles to Davies       101/5

Coles to Davies,OUT

       Haggett to Clark       192/6

Haggett to Clark,OUT

       Tredwell to Bailey       227/7

Tredwell to Bailey,OUT

       Haggett to Chapple       242/8

Haggett to Chapple,OUT

       Hunn to Kerrigan       259/9

Hunn to Kerrigan,OUT

       Coles to Croft       259/10

Coles to Croft,OUT

Fall of wickets - Lancashire 2 INN
       Coles to Brown       0/1

Coles to Brown,OUT

       Tredwell to Petersen       47/2

Tredwell to Petersen,OUT

       Stevens to Prince       109/3

Stevens to Prince,OUT

       Haggett to Hameed       138/4

Haggett to Hameed,OUT

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