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Zimbabwe Under-19s vs Afghanistan Under-19s
In Progress : Zimbabwe Under-19s won the toss and elected to bat
Zimbabwe Under-19s
( 43.4 overs )
Afghanistan Under-19s
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe Under-19s 1 INN
       Zia-ur-Rehman to Snyder       0/1

Zia-ur-Rehman to Snyder,OUT,Success straight away, Zia-ur-Rehman, tossed up outside off, played uppishly and straight to the graspof point fielder, Zahir Khan takes a regulation catch there.Snyder goes, First wicket down for Zimbabwe.

       Zia-ur-Rehman to Sly       1/2

Zia-ur-Rehman to Sly,OUT,Gone, Zia-ur-Rehman strikes again. It was bowled back of length on off stump, batsman rocked back and tried to cut through point, missed completely and ball hit the top of off stump, Sly goes. Afghans are elated, 2nd Zimbabwe wicket down

       Zia-ur-Rehman to Ives       15/3

Zia-ur-Rehman to Ives,OUT,Gone, Zia is on fire! It was bowled back of length on middle and off, batsman went for a wild slog throughmid wicket, couldn't connect at all, you miss i hit says the bowler, stumps are rattled. Ives goes, third wicket down for Zimbabwe.

       Tariq to Mavuta       60/4

Tariq to Mavuta,OUT,slightly shorter outside off, cut uppishly through off side, but straight to the throat of point fielder.He doesn't miss those, taken with ease.Karim Janat was the fielder there, Tariq strikes, Mavuta goes.Zimbabwe is in trouble here

       Rashid Khan to Murray       85/5

Rashid Khan to Murray,OUT,slightly shorter outside off, cut hard, got a thick outside edge and went straight to the grasp of slip fielder.That's a sitter, taken with ease. Shamsurrahman was the fielder there, Rashid Khan strikes, Murray goes for well made53.

       Karim Janat to Madhevere       116/6

Karim Janat to Madhevere,OUT,Gone,Karim strikes, it was bowled fuller on middle stump, batsman flicked uppishly to the mid on fielder,Perwez Malakzai makes no mistake, Madhevere goes, Zimbabwe batting is collapsing

       Muslim Musa to Keefe       182/7

Muslim Musa to Keefe,OUT,back of length outside off, slower ball, batsman couldn't understand and went for a maximum over mid wicket, only managed to hole out to deep mid wicket fielder, he takes it quite comfortably, Musa strikes, Keefe departs

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