Live Cricket Scores
Pakistan Under-19s vs Nepal Under-19s
Finished : Pakistan Under-19s won by 122 runs
Pakistan Under-19s
( 50 overs )
Nepal Under-19s
( 43.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Pakistan Under-19s 1 INN
       Aarif Sheikh to Mohammad Umar       0/1

Aarif Sheikh to Mohammad Umar,OUT

       Aarif Sheikh to Gauhar Hafeez       3/2

Aarif Sheikh to Gauhar Hafeez,OUT

       Airee to Hasan Khan       30/3

Airee to Hasan Khan,OUT

       Lamichhane to Saif Badar       219/4

Lamichhane to Saif Badar,OUT

       Lamichhane to Hasan Mohsin       237/5

Lamichhane to Hasan Mohsin,OUT

       Lamichhane to Salman Fayyaz       238/6

Lamichhane to Salman Fayyaz,OUT

       Kandel to Shadab Khan       255/7

Kandel to Shadab Khan,OUT

       Airee to Umair Masood       257/8

Airee to Umair Masood,OUT

Fall of wickets - Nepal Under-19s 1 INN
       Hasan Mohsin to Dhamala       8/1

Hasan Mohsin to Dhamala,OUT

       Irfan Liaqat to Sunar       17/2

Irfan Liaqat to Sunar,OUT

       Hasan Mohsin to Karki       23/3

Hasan Mohsin to Karki,OUT

       Hasan Mohsin to Aarif Sheikh       29/4

Hasan Mohsin to Aarif Sheikh,OUT

       Hasan Mohsin to Dutta       29/5

Hasan Mohsin to Dutta,OUT

       Irfan Liaqat to Airee       46/6

Irfan Liaqat to Airee,OUT

       Saif Ali to Rijal       54/7

Saif Ali to Rijal,OUT

       Saif Ali to Bhurtel       67/8

Saif Ali to Bhurtel,OUT

       Salman Fayyaz to Kandel       111/9

Salman Fayyaz to Kandel,OUT

       Arsal Sheikh to Tamang       136/10

Arsal Sheikh to Tamang,OUT

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