Live Cricket Scores
Gloucestershire vs Derbyshire
Finished : Match drawn
Fall of wickets - Gloucestershire 1 INN
       Footitt to Dent       27/1

Footitt to Dent,OUT

       Taylor to Tavare       49/2

Taylor to Tavare,OUT

       Palladino to Roderick       111/3

Palladino to Roderick,OUT

       Taylor to Marshall       113/4

Taylor to Marshall,OUT

       Taylor to Jones       119/5

Taylor to Jones,OUT

       Palladino to Howell       159/6

Palladino to Howell,OUT

       Footitt to Klinger       251/7

Footitt to Klinger,OUT

       Footitt to Miles       255/8

Footitt to Miles,OUT

       Taylor to Taylor       329/9

Taylor to Taylor,OUT

       Footitt to Norwell       329/9

Footitt to Norwell,OUT

Fall of wickets - Derbyshire 1 INN
       Norwell to Slater       47/1

Norwell to Slater,OUT

       Howell to Hughes       58/2

Howell to Hughes,OUT

Fall of wickets - Derbyshire 2 INN
       Payne to Slater       0/0

Payne to Slater,OUT

Fall of wickets - Derbyshire 2 INN
       Payne to Slater       0/1

Payne to Slater,OUT

       Miles to Hughes       22/2

Miles to Hughes,OUT

       Payne to Dilshan       35/3

Payne to Dilshan,OUT

       Payne to Elstone       63/4

Payne to Elstone,OUT

       Taylor to Thakor       132/5

Taylor to Thakor,OUT

       Norwell to Hosein       143/6

Norwell to Hosein,OUT

       Miles to Critchley       164/7

Miles to Critchley,OUT

       Taylor to Palladino       184/8

Taylor to Palladino,OUT

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