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Collingwood left frustrated with Duckworth Lewis

England skipper Paul Collingwood was left fuming after his sides farcical Duckworth Lewis assisted 8 wicket defeat against the West Indies at the Providence Stadium in Guyana.

After scoring 191 in their innings England was confident of starting their Twenty20 World Cup campaign with a victory but they were denied by a Duckworth-Lewis calculation which was heavily in the favour of the batting team.

"There's a major problem with it in Twenty20. I've got no problems with it in the 50-over form but I know it's made us very frustrated - it certainly has to be revised for this form of the game," said Collingwood.

"I think 95% of the time when you get 191-5 on the board you are going to win the game. Unfortunately, Duckworth-Lewis seems to have other ideas - it brings the equation completely the other way," he added.

Before the rain showers arrived the West Indies were 30-0 after 2.2 overs, but, once the game resumed their target had became a facial 30 from 22 balls.

"It's the second time it's happened to us now against West Indies, so it is very frustrating - because we've played a near perfect game but we've lost," said Collingwood.

Although the Duckworth-Lewis method works perfectly will in 50 over cricket; the shortest of Twenty20 cricket effects the calculations which results in a score heavily in favour of the batting team.

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