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Pakistan win first Twenty20 game

Pakistan put all their trouble behind them and spoiled Stuart Broad's England debut with a five-wicket win in the Twenty20 international at Bristol.

17:59 The game had looked up for England since their batting disappointments, and Pakistan bring up the expected win without trouble.

Razzaq hits a four to bring the scores level, and the next ball sums up England's day.

A despairing dive from Bell, attempting to catch a skied Razzaq effort, sends the ball over the rope to seal a five-wicket win with 13 balls to spare - a thrashing in Twenty20 terms.

17:54 Razzaq takes the attack to Collingwood's bowling as Pakistan close in on a comfortable victory barring an unlikely tumble of wickets. 138-5

17:50 A superb throw from Collingwood at backward-point from 20 yards dismisses Haffez for a fine innings of 46.
Hafeez hits the ball to Collingwood and sets off for an unlikely run but is sent back by the immovable Inzamam.

Earlier in Gough's over, a delightful piece of timing from Inzamam give him his first six. 127-5

17:49 WICKET Mohammad Hafeez, inswinging yorker once more, but it's wide and chipped to Collingwood at backward point, who mis-fields it and the ball bobbles up. He collects, takes aim and throws down the stumps to leave Hafeez short by several feet. Brilliant fielding

17:44 Inzamam is lucky not to be run out as a brilliant Trescothick throw is flicked towards the stumps by bowler Paul Collingwood.

The Durham all-rounder is also unfortunate not to snare Hafeez with a difficult chance missed by Read, and the batsman ends the over with an inventive dab to the boundary. 120-4

17:40 A lovely reverse sweep from Hafeez off Yardy goes for four as Pakistan amble on.
Inzamam, who obviously has other things on his mind, looks slightly ill at ease in this form of cricket but is still at the crease. 112-4

17:35 A missed run-out opportunity from Mahmood - who narrowly missed the stumps with his throw - as some confusion in the middle between Hafeez and Inzamam sees the opener well out of his ground.
Mahmood bowls four dot balls in an impressive comeback, before two late runs spoil his attempted maiden. 104-4

17:32 A well-taken catch from Bell - who has to tip-toe around the boundary rope - gives England's distant hopes a boost.

Yousuf mistimes his shot off Yardy's bowling to bring Inzamam to the crease. 102-4

17:29 WICKET Mohammad Yousuf, good catch! Outside leg stump, Yousuf swings it to Ian Bell's right at long-off who sprints round and takes it inches inside the boundary rope at knee height.

17:27 It's not Mahmood's day as he gets a top edge only to see the ball edge inches over Read's outstretched gloves.
He threatens a shy at the stumps after collecting a return from Yousuf, clearly annoyed at England's situation. 99-3

17:25 Yardy is thrown the ball for his first over in international cricket, but it is far from the ideal situation as he goes for 10 runs including one big six from Yousuf. 94-3

17:22 Pakistan will not have to do anything special from hereon in to win this match, and their batsmen seem well aware of this.

Some sensible batting keeps the scoreboard ticking over, with Dalrymple making little impression. 84-3

17:18 Yardy is impressing in the field with a hard-working display, while Broad is showing a real appetite for the battle.

But Pakistan are in no mood to give Broad an easy time, punishing anything marginally off line. Broad's international debut ends with figures of 2-35 from his four overs, an encouraging start. 77-3

17:15 A brilliant catch from debutant Yardy sees the destructive Afridi depart, much to the relief of England's bowlers.

Spinner Dalrymple tempts Afridi into a huge shot over his head, but Yardy - after slightly misjudging the flight of the ball - takes an athletic catch over his head and clings on for dear life. 69-3

17:12 WICKET Shahid Afridi, OUT, immediately Afridi swings this into Wales...oh no, hang on, it's up in the air miles, Yardy jogs back, and back further, and dives backwards to take the catch in front of his face, lying on his back! What a catch!

17:08 Something of a reality check for Broad as Afridi's no-nonsense approach sees the ball sent to all parts of the ground. Two vicious fours are followed by a ridiculous six which clears the stands and goes out into the street.

Another four comes off the last ball of the over as Pakistan make a mockery of the run chase. 66-2

17:04 Sajid Mahmood's bowling is given short shrift by Afridi as 22 runs come off the over, with boundaries coming almost at will. Two wides and a no-ball do not help England's cause at all. 47-2

16:59 A brilliant over from Broad sees him collect his first two international wickets, and come within inches of a hat-trick.

Malik hits a four off Broad, but the bowler hits back next ball as he wins a tight lbw decision with a clever delivery coming back in.

Better follows as he gets Younis first ball with his next delivery, with the Pakistan batsman edging him to Read.
The next ball sees Afridi sky a chance over Broad's head, but two chasing fielders cannot quite get there in time. 25-2

16:56 WICKET Younis Khan, and another! Short, the bouncer and Khan attempts to pull it but can only glove it to Chris Read behind the stumps who dives to his left and takes a great catch. He's on a hat-trick!

16:55 WICKET Shoaib Malik, well bowled young Broad! Cuts back into Malik, Broad races down the pitch to appeal and the umpire raises his finger. And that's his first wicket for England.

16:51 Gough is bowling excellently, tempting Hafeez into two wild drives at the ball with the Paakistan batsman gets nowhere near either.

He goes close a third and fourth time, with a Hafeez drive to mid-on falling just short of Yardy, and a skied chance going over the heads of two England fielders. Gough looks bemused as to why his wicket column is still showing a zero. 19-0

16:47 The baby-faced Stuart Broad comes in for his first over in international cricket and will not go far wrong if the rest of his overs follow this early example.

He beats the outside edge with his first ball, and concedes just two runs with five dot balls.

Already 6ft 7in tall, Broad is apparently still growing. He could be 7ft by the end of the match. 11-0

16:42 Two dot balls are followed by a chance as Gough finds the edge, but the ball eludes wicketkeeper Read and first slip Trescothick to go for a boundary.

Pakistan took the upper hand in the Twenty20 game against England in Bristol with intelligent bowling to restrict the hosts to only 144-7.

Opener Marcus Trescothick managed to cash in on a good batting pitch with nine fours in his 53 off 36 balls.

But Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Strauss fell for ducks within three balls as Mohammad Asif claimed a fine 2-21.

Abdul Razzak took three wickets, while Rana Naved-ul-Hasan and Shoaib Akhtar, back after injury, also impressed.

16:18 Read goes first ball of the over with a huge heave to the square-leg boundary off Razzaq ending up in Naved's hands.

Yardy hits a six and a four to boost the total, but with an average international Twenty20 score in the range of 160 to 170, England have left their bowlers plenty of work to do in Bristol.
Hitting only one six at one of the smaller county grounds could well come back to haunt them. 144-7

16:15 WICKET Read, a huge heave high into the air and that does straight down the throat of Rana Naved on the square leg boundary who waits for it and takes a good catch in the end.

16:13 Akhtar comes back to the attack, and sees Read hit two lovely boundaries, before a bye comes off his last ball. 130-6

16:09 Runs are coming in ones and twos for England batsmen Yardy and Read, which is just not enough. The crowd seem to know the game is up as a Mexican wave becomes the focus of attention at the County Ground.
Just five off the over, with time running out. 119-6

16:05 WICKET Dalrymple, slower delivery chipped into the leg-side and that's a good catch from Shoaib Akhtar, making good ground from deep mid-on running forward and taking that low, with a little roll at the end. Good stuff and England are looking deep in trouble here, although there is a glimmer in that they they know they've got a long batting line-up

16:02 Fairly tame stuff as England reach the business end of the innings. They add five runs in the over, but the total is well short of a competitive effort at the moment. 106-5

15:59 Trescothick departs for a well-worked 53, giving a low catch to keeper Akmal off Razzaq's bowling.
Dalrymple and debutant Michael Yardy are at the crease and they bring up England's ton. 101-5

15:57 WICKET Trescothick, gone this time and that was an excellent delivery, moving a touch away from the lefthander who sent a little nibble through to Akmal. That's an important wicket and England will now need to rebuild.

15:54 A Trescothick single off the first ball of the over brings Dalrymple to face Afridi. He becomes fixated by reverse sweeps, with one racing to the boundary but most of the rest dobbling around for dot balls and singles. 96-4

15:50 Trescothick is looking in good nick at the crease as Razzaq joins the attack, and brings up his 50 - his second in the international Twenty20 game. It's come off 33 balls and included nine fours. 87-4

15:47 Things aren't getting much better for Afridi as Trescothick belts him for two massive boundaries. The bowler then bowls a wide and sees a possible catch dropped by Akmal.

15:43 Dalrymple skies one into the outfield, but a casual Afridi drops the simplest chance he's ever likely to get in international cricket.

Afridi jogs in under the ball, but spills the ball like a frightened child playing with a hard ball for the first time. Not one for the Afridi family scrapbook. Dalrymple makes Pakistan pay with 10 off the over. 70-4

15:40 Leg-spinner Afridi comes into the attack and has a very good appeal for lbw against Dalrymple turned down. England urgently need to get their run-rate going again. 60-4

15:37 An unhappy innings from Collingwood comes to un unhappy end as he gets a slight nick on a straightish delivery from Rana Naved to wicketkeeper Akmal.

Trescothick, who needs to be the mainstay of the innings now if England are to post a decent total, hits another boundary. 57-4

15:34 WICKET Collingwood, gone, a soft dismissal, trying to run that down to third man. A decent delivery but that's a simple edge through to Akmal.

15:31 More thrills and spills as Rana Naved bowls a no ball. Under the rules, the next ball is a free hit - which is just as well for Paul Collingwood as his stumps go tumbling before the ball almost reaches the boundary. 44-3

15:28 A disastrous over for England as two of their most destructive batsmen depart without troubling the scorers.
Pietersen has the briefest of stays as he has his middle stump ripped out first ball by Asif. Strauss lasts one ball longer, before being caught by Kamran Akmal. Can you have a period of consolidation in Twenty20? If so, England need it now. 40-3

15:24 WICKET Strauss edged and gone! That's three wickets in five balls for Pakistan whose tails are more than up. That ball was another offcutter going across Strauss who chased it, before edging through to Akmal for a fine catch, low to his left.

15:21 WICKET Pietersen, cleaned up first ball. Great, great ball from Asif at 85mph; perfect pitch, nipping back and taking middle stump as Pietersen swishes a would-be cover-drive and that wicket brings up huge cheers from the large Pakistan contingent

15:17 WICKET Bell 14 Bell guides a Shoaib delivery to first slip Younis, who juggles the ball on the ground before regaining control.

Bell refuses to walk, forcing the umpires to refer the decision. The third umpire wastes little time in giving Bell out, bringing Kevin Pietersen to the crease. 39-1

15:14 A classy boundary from Bell sees the ball race through the off side as Asif gives him a fraction too much width. One inside edge from Trescothick causes an anxious moment, but England are doing well early on. 33-0

15:12 Bell takes a leaf out of Trescothicks book and hits a four through leg slip.

15:09 Trescothick derails the express by hitting three consecutive fours. 22-0

15:08 The Rawalpindi express starts the third over with a sublime slow ball that Bell doesn’t get any where near.

15:05 England are off to a slow start taking just singles before Trescothick hits Asif or four over cover. 9-0

15:03 Mohammad Asif comes into the attack to start the second over.

15:02 Trescothick and Bell see off Shoaib Akhtar’s first over without any problems looking to set Pakistan a high total to chase. 3-0

15:00 Shoaib Akhtar bowls the first ball of the day to Marucs Trescothick, single.

14:53 For the first time since Ovalgate Inzamam-ul-Haq leads his side onto the pitch followed by Trescothick and his new opening partner Bell.

14:40 Pakistan squad - Inzamam-ul-Haq, Abdul Razzaq, Danish Kaneria, Iftikhar Anjum, Imran Farhat, Kamran Akmal, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Yousuf, Naved-ul-Hasan, Shahid Afridi, Shahid Yousuf, Shoaib Akhtar, Shoaib Malik, Umar Gul, Younis Khan.

14:39 England squad - AJ Strauss, IR Bell, SCJ Broad, R Clarke, PD Collingwood, AN Cook, JWM Dalrymple, D Gough, SJ Harmison, EC Joyce, J Lewis, SI Mahmood, KP Pietersen, CMW Read, ME Trescothick, MH Yardy.

14.37 Andrew Strauss wins the toss and elects to bat.

Veteran fast bowler Darren Gough was also included for his first appearance since opting out of the tour to Pakistan last winter.

Pakistan are looking for their first win of the summer against the home side after losing the Test series 3-0.

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