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Tendulkar lashes out at Chappell

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has broken his silence after the failure of India at this year's World Cup and criticised the reaction of the press and the coach Greg Chappell.

The record-breaking batsman was one of several Indian players to misfire at the tournament in the Caribbean, which resulted in an early exit for the side putting them at the mercy of the fanatical cricket fan base and press corps back home.

And Tendulkar has revealed his disappointment at some of Chappell's comments that questioned the attitudes of some of his players after India were sent home early because of disappointing defeats to neighbours Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

"Tell me, the world has gone on talking about all this but has anybody spared a thought for us? Did they try to find out what we have been going through?" the 33-year-old told the Times of India.

"I've given my heart and my soul for 17 years. No coach had mentioned even in passing that my attitude was not correct."

While the inquest into how India failed to qualify for the Super Eights continues, with crisis meetings scheduled in the next two or three days, Tendulkar revealed his heartbreak at the team's woeful performance.

"I am shattered beyond words and I feel helpless," he said. "I've never felt so bad in my entire career.

"No matter how many Tests or one-day series you win, nothing else even comes close to a World Cup triumph. The World Cup was our passion, our collective goal, our dream and that has been shattered. And we all are terribly disappointed over it."

Tendulkar's comments come as some surprise as he is widely regarded as a man that believes in loyalty, above all else, to his coach and seniors.

However he is now the latest in a line of Indian cricketers to be quoted by various media sources in the south Asian country, some named and some speaking anonymously, that have lashed out at Chappell's coaching style and regime over the last two years.

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