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Auction creates quite a frenzy

As India's cricketing elite hailed the Twenty20 Premier League player auction as a landmark day for the game, Australia's players were a little non-plussed about their status as commodities.

In Mumbai, former Indian Board (BCCI) president Inderjit Singh Bindra revealed much about the mindset of the game's administrators when he said that the sight of all the money on display was more arresting even than the game itself.

"I really wish you could have seen it live," Bindra said.

"The market is determining the price. That's how a free market economy should flow."

"I have never seen anything so riveting and so absorbing and so exciting even on the field, it's amazing drama."

Meanwhile in Sydney, Brett Lee and fellow paceman Nathan Bracken were happy that the auction process would at least settle the question of IPL player movements within 24 hours.

"You've got to look at it each way, it's probably the best way of getting the players out there and giving us the opportunity to play," Bracken said.

"You can go through other processes, this is probably the easiest and quickest way to get it done."

Bracken had mixed feelings about waiting to find out his value.

"You want to know what you're worth, but you don't want to know what you're worth, it's a catch 22," Bracken said.

Always an enthusiastic figure, Lee was excited about the chance to play alongside stars from other nations.

"The most exciting thing about this whole Twenty20 cricket format is the fact I might be alongside a guy like (Indian batsman) Sachin Tendulkar," Lee said.

"Guys who constantly play day in, day out and that we also admire, we could be in the same team as them, which is a great opportunity.

"I think it offers something different for the crowd and I'd probably rather be alongside Sachin than be against him I think."

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