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IPL not expecting English presence

Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi does not expect any English players to feature in the inaugural 20-over tournament next month.

Less than a week before a second player auction takes place, rumours of interest in Englishmen by some of the franchises have surfaced.

But any player signing up would require the blessing from the county they are registered for and a No Objection Certificate from the England and Wales Cricket Board and Modi said: "Not that I am aware of. I don't expect any. Nobody has told me about any such potential but I guess because we are dealing with franchises anything is possible."

He added: "But even if someone hires a player they still require a NOC from the relevant board."

Nominated names for a second auction must be submitted to the IPL by Sunday ahead of another round of bidding two days later.

Provision has also been made for a third auction prior to the competition beginning in a bid to ensure each of the eight city teams is as strong as possible.

Modi said last week that the league would not actively look to engage English players this year due to the season overlap and would perhaps accommodate them by synchronising the event in future.

More than 20million was splashed on the world's best in the first auction round and although the majority spent their allotted 2.5million salary cap, there are some who have played the longer game.

Jaipur Royals, however, captained by Mascarenhas' Rose Bowl colleague Shane Warne, still have a sizeable purse with which to bid at the secondary stage.

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