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Sachin Tendulkar saw signs that Australia were turning more defensive during India’s recently concluded tour.

Australia, the top-ranked Test and one-day team, clinched the Test series 2-1 but India bagged the tri-series.

India also pulled off an unlikely Test win in Perth, leaving some critics wondering whether Australia’s domination of world cricket was coming to an end.

“Australian teams have always been competitive. In 1991, they probably did not go on the defensive if an Indian batsman played a couple of shots,” Tendulkar was quoted as saying in a newspaper on Thursday.

“In the recent series, however, they immediately posted a deep point. This did not happen in 1999 or 2003 either,” he said.

“This was the first time they set a scattered field. This has been the big change,” said the maestro.

“If one looks back at the series, we challenged them more than they did us,” Sachin said, adding that he felt the retirements of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne would allow teams to attack Australia more.

The senior pro advised his young mates not to get carried away by the euphoria. “That is good and in a way bad as well,” he said. “We need to look back and find out how many youngsters have made it to the Indian squad as teenagers and have gone on to play for a long time.”

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