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It's the day everybody has been waiting for: Selection Sunday 2008 for the upcoming March Madness betting season.

This is Carrie Stroup reporting live for and I will be bringing you all the Selection Sunday updates and inclusions throughout the next two hours.

Well, we already know a few of the teams that are heading into the tournament. North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, Duke. Selection Sunday will help fill in the rest of the pieces of the puzzle for us.

For me, this represents one of the most exciting times of the year. The betting frenzy between immediately following the conclusion of the Selection Sunday picks straight up until the first game of the 2008 March Madness season on Thursday is like no other.

Selection Sunday itself is also one of the most exciting days of this season. Reminds me of Christmas Eve as a small child....maybe even today in some respect. You just know that Santa will be bringing tons of toys the next morning...but only if you've been good...and I am always good.

Unlike other Selection Sunday recaps, I will be presenting our readers with the odds to win the Tournament heading into Selection Sunday. Kansas was the favorite at 5/1 odds. Number One ranked North Carolina had odds of 6/1.

Please note that Selection Sunday has been delayed by one hour this evening and will begin at 6 pm EST.

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