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Pietersen wants to cash in at IPL

Kevin Pietersen has called on the cricketing authorities to sort out the scheduling clashes which prevent England players from cashing in on the lucrative Indian Premier League.

Pietersen and his England team players are the only major Test playing nation not involved in the Twenty20 competition - for which the top players are being paid over 500,000 for just seven weeks work - because the event clashes with England's Test series with New Zealand.

Pietersen insists he is happy to play for his country, but admits he wants the problem resolved so, in future years, he can also play in the IPL.

'I won't jeopardise my England career for the IPL just yet, but the schedules have to be sorted because the England players are the only ones missing out,' said the South African-born batsman.

'As long as it doesn't interfere with me playing for England then I'm all for the IPL.

'There are guys in our team who could be earning a lot of money and you don't want them choosing between the two.'

Pietersen's Hampshire captain Dmitri Mascarenhas is the only Englishman signed up for this month's IPL tournament, and the all-rounder admits his employers are desperate to tempt Pietersen to the sub-continent.

'I've spoken to KP, he's expressed an interest in the IPL and they certainly want him,' Mascarenhas confirmed.

'They are trying to accommodate English players next year by changing their dates so hopefully the ECB will loosen their stance. I think they will have to.'

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