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ICC to meet ICL in London

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will meet representatives of the unofficial Indian Cricket League (ICL) in order to prevent a crisis in the game.

Thirteen of Bangladesh’s leading players have been signed by the ICL, and have met with bans from the game for penning contracts with the unrecognised competition.

Those bans threaten to stymie Bangladesh’s Test future, and now the ICC has agreed to meet ICL representatives in London at some point in the future to see if some compromise could be reached.

"The ICL had previously written to the ICC requesting its approval and now it has asked for this meeting, to which we have agreed," ICC president David Morgan said.

"All members of the ICC Board have been informed of this meeting and I will report back to those directors at the Board's next meeting, in Dubai on 14 and 15 October."

The ICL is not recognised by the national governing bodies in the ICC, and players who join it face an automatic ban from all forms of official cricket.

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