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Nixon likely to sign up for ICL

Leicestershire Captain and wicketkeeper Paul Nixon is confident he will be lining up for the Foxes next year despite signing for a second season with the Indian Cricket League.

A doubt has been cast over the wicket-keeper's registration for the 2009 domestic campaign after he extended his contract with the ICL, which is currently regarded as an unauthorised competition by the ICC, the game's governing body.

In March, the England and Wales Cricket Board hardened their stance on players taking part in such events and said it was possible that any who did may not be registered for county cricket.

Nixon, though, believes that he will not be penalised because he re-signed for the ICL in February, before the ECB made their announcement.

Furthermore, the League and the ICC are due to meet in the next few days to discuss whether the ICL can be granted authorised status.

Nixon knows that a "worst case-scenario" could see him ruled out of action for County next summer.
But he says legal advice he has sought suggests that will not happen.

"I have spoken to the people who represented Andrew Hall, Johannes van der Wath and Nicky Boje. They all played in the ICL last year and were banned by the ECB before they won their cases. They've seen my contract and don't think the ECB can quash it.

"As things stand now I would expect to be signing for Leicestershire again next year. I'm still desperate to play county cricket and captain Leicestershire.

"I learned a lot this year. There are some things that I would have done differently but that is how life is.
"It was a really good challenge and I want to do it again and get better and better."

Nixon played in the ICL with Delhi last year and the latest tournament is due to begin on October 10.
Whereas he had the full backing of County in 2007, that is not the case now.

Whatever the outcome, Leicestershire are looking for early guidance from the ECB.

Chief executive David Smith said: "We will support any decision taken by the ECB relating to Paul participating in the ICL.
"Should he wish to challenge any decision made, he will not be financially supported by the club.

"I've also explained to Paul that his situation has made it very difficult for the club to plan for next season until we are aware of the effect of his participation in the ICL on his registration to play county cricket next season for Leicestershire. I am asking the ECB for an early ruling on the matter."

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