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ICC waiting for BCCI report on ICL

The International Cricket Council is waiting for a report from the BCCI before deciding whether to recognise the Indian Cricket League, ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat said here on Saturday.

Lorgat revealed that the BCCI had requested a meeting with ICL representatives after the 'rebel' league applied for ICC recognition.

In a terse press release on Thursday, BCCI secretary N Srinivasan said, "The talks failed and there are no plans for any further meeting", but Lorgat said the international body was waiting for a report from the BCCI before taking a final call.

"We are going through a process while considering their application and part of the process is to wait for a report from the BCCI," Lorgat told reporters.

Asked who sought the meeting between the BCCI and ICL, Lorgat said it was the Indian board which requested the ICC to go ahead with a meeting following which the BCCI would send a report on the progress.

Told that the BCCI had gone public saying the talks broke down and there are no plans for further meeting, Lorgat insisted, "I cannot speculate. BCCI sought the meeting to see if they can work out a solution and we have to wait for their report."

Incidentally, the newly set-up ICC sub-committee to look into modifying rules on unofficial cricket leagues include Lalit Modi, the mastermind behind Indian Premier League, but Lorgat ruled out possibility of any bias against the ICL.

"It's not the sub-committee which takes decision. ICC Executive Board would take the decision. The sub-committee would only re-visit the regulations we got in place and suggest amendments. The ICC Board would have the final say in the matter," Lorgat explained.

Asked about the logic behind banning 'rebel' players, thus denying them the right to play for the team of their choice, Lorgat said, "Of course they have the right to play for the team they want to, but they have to face the consequence flowing from there."

Lorgat also made it clear that the Essel Group-bankrolled ICL should not be equated with the BCCI conceived IPL.

"IPL came into being with BCCI sanctions in terms of regulations," he argued.

The ICC CEO dismissed the notion that BCCI was arm-twisting the governing body by flexing its financial muscle and said it was a popular but baseless theory.

"It's certainly not my experience. Before I got into ICC boardroom, I was also told about this widespread perception but I never experienced anything as such. They are just like any member board," he asserted.

Told that his predecessor Malcolm Speed found the BCCI a big, brash bully, Lorgat said, "He may had different experience but I found BCCI very supportive and in fact without their support, it would have been difficult to find a window for Champions Trophy next year."

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