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Pakistan ready to embrace 'rebels'

PCB chief Ijaz Butt is ready to welcome Pakistan players in the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) back into the national squad.

Addressing a press conference here yesterday, Butt said the International Cricket Council (ICC) will be on a weak footing if the ICL decides to file a lawsuit and admitted that he discussed the ICL players' case at the recently held ICC Executive Board meeting in Dubai.

“There are bright chances of ICL players returning back to international cricket following the revelations that the ICC is on a weak footing against any lawsuit that the ICL management may initiate,” a PCB insider was quoted as saying by the 'The News'.

Butt created further sensation by revealing that the ICC was also considering a possible merger of the ICL and the officially recognised Indian Premier League (IPL).

“It is also no less than a big news that the ICC are contemplating the option of a possible merger of IPL and ICL. This must have given a big heart to the ICL management,” the source added.

The ICC is, however, not amused with Butt's statements and hinted at a backlash.

“It is really surprising that how he (Butt) spoke everything which was confidential and should have remained with the ICC Board members publicly. We are in the process of gathering all the facts of the press conference,” an ICC official said.

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