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ECB abandons plans for EPL

The ECB has dropped its plans to launch an IPL style Twenty20 League after admitting the scheme was dead in the water according to newspaper reports in the UK.

The competition was announced last summer by Giles Clark but in the last six months a number of factors including the current credit crunch and the fall out from the Stanford Super Series as forced the ECB to bin the concept.

A new competition, provisionally called P20 will take its place and feature two divisions of nine with promotion and relegation between the two. One feature from the EPL will remain with each county able to field up to four overseas players.

Nigel Hilliard, chairman of Essex, who is chairing the ECB working party admitted to the Times newspaper that the EPL had fallen from favour a while ago.

"The proposal for 20 teams has been dropped for the moment," Hilliard said. "We may look at it again if somebody puts up a lot of money, but they are not about to."

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