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Police gear up for security during matches

The Lahore incident, in which six players of Sri Lankan team were shot at and an equal number of policemen lost their lives, seem to have woken up the city police.

On Tuesday, officials, who thought they had got enough time for security arrangements for the eight IPL matches in Jaipur, have been thrown into action.

In a meeting held on Tuesday, it was decided to approach the organizers and discuss the security arrangements as soon as possible. The police, in a couple of days from now, will seek a detailed schedule of the teams visiting Jaipur, the hotels where they are supposed to stay along with their movements.

The eight IPL matches, scheduled in Jaipur, also include the inaugural tie between the Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals on April 10.

However, for security at the SMS Stadium, the organizers will have to pay the stipulated security fee for the number of policemen they want to deploy. “Whatever happened in Lahore is indeed shocking. We are on high alert now and will soon hold meetings with organizers to discuss the security arrangements during the IPL matches,” said P K Singh, IG, Jaipur Range-1.

Top officers are busy studying and analyzing the terror attack on the Lankans. “The convoy was attacked in open when it was about to reach the stadium. So we are going to put special emphasis on the escorts while moving the teams out of the hotel and the stadium. The number of policemen who will escort the team will be increased considerably,” said a senior police officer.

During the IPL season last year, the controversy over the security fee arose with police seeking Rs 63 lakh from RCA for providing 1500 police personnel for nine matches. Citing that the amount was big, organizers were said to be of the view that 500 security personnel would be good enough and hence paid accordingly.

The police received around Rs 3.25 lakh per match as security fee. The police had asked to pay Rs 1010 for deployment of each inspector rank officer, Rs 820 for Sub-Inspector, Rs 640 for head-constable and Rs 535 for constables.

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