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ICC shuns rebel ICL Twenty20 league

The ICC today rejected the rebel Indian Cricket League's application for recognition, saying the Twenty20 event did not meet its criteria for approving "unofficial cricket".

"The ICC Board considered an application for the ICL to be approved as unofficial cricket. The Board went through the application carefully, including assessing it against the criteria within the ICC regulations for approving such events.

"After due consideration, the Board resolved that the application should be rejected," the ICC said in a statement after its two-day Executive Board meeting here.

The ICL has threatened to take ICC to court if it doesn't get recognition.

The governing body, meanwhile, left the fate of players aligned with the league, but wanting to break away, on individual boards.

"In relation to the possibility of players returning to official cricket from the ICL, the Board reiterated to Members the importance of protecting the fabric of the game. A clear message needed to be sent that players could not swap between official and unofficial cricket at will.

"However, it was confirmed that the nature and scope of any sanction would ultimately be a matter for each individual Member to determine, based on its own local conditions," the ICC said.

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