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Players claim some ICL matches were fixed

An Indian player who was associated with the Indian Cricket League has said that a former Pakistan captain used to fix matches in the league.

Some other homegrown ICL players TOI spoke to said that news reports from Pakistan revealing rampant match-fixing in the 'rebel' league had not come as a surprise to them. On Monday, two Pakistani newspapers had quoted unnamed sources as saying that ICL had withheld payments of a few top cricketers because of their involvement in betting.

"The entire Lahore Badshahs team was into it. The top cricketer that reports are mentioning is a former captain. You would've (media) followed up reports only about Dinesh Mongia and Chris Cairns because ICL sacked them. They were sacked because there was an official complaint lodged by the team and they were warned twice," said a top ICL player who has now sought amnesty with the BCCI.

ICL officials have been tight-lipped throughout. On Monday too, all efforts to reach Himanshu Modi, the former CEO of the league, and Atul Pandey, the new CEO, failed.

Meanwhile, players are now beginning to speak openly about the mess that prevailed in ICL and this is primarily because their payments too have been withheld along with those who were involved in illegal betting.

"Most of us are yet to receive payments dating back to December. Some players have to receive payments of three to four months and some haven't been paid for six months. Those who indulged in betting don't need to worry because (naturally) they made a lot more in fixing matches than what they stand to lose in terms of ICL fees," said the player.

The player recalled the match played between Lahore Badshahs and Hyderabad Heroes on November 15 last year and said it was fixed to the last ball. "It was a best-of-three final and Badshahs won the first, but lost the second final so that a third one could be played," he said.

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