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Indian players likely to face IPL cap in 2011

India's cricketing superstars may find their time in the IPL limited after plans were discussed by the IPL's governing council members to cap the number of times they can play in IPL 4.0.

Concerned by the number of games top Indian cricketers could play in 2011 the council have decided that a cap would be one way of controlling player burnout and injuries.

With the IPL expanding by two teams in 2011 the number of games set to be played will increase to 94, an increase of 35 games compared to the inaugural IPL in 2008. The expansion plans were approved at the recent council meeting in Mumbai last week.

In next years IPL the most games a player could face is 16, if they reach either the final or third place playoff. In the expanded IPL 4.0 this increases to 20 games.

With this increase the council have become worried about IPL burnout with sources within the council indicating a cap of 12 games could be put in place for all Indian players in 2011.

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