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Teams can keep 7 players for IPL 4.0

The BCCI are discussing plans which would allow each IPL franchise the opportunity to safeguard 4 Indian and 3 foreign players before the auction for IPL 4.0.

With two new franchises and the current player contracts ending after IPL 3.0 the auction for IPL 4.0 was planned to involve every player from the first auction.

The franchises were unhappy with the prospect of losing some of their star players and the Chennai Super Kings owner and BCCI secretary N Srinivsan had reportedly voiced his objection to the proposal earlier last month

The Super Kings had built their team and brand around Indian captain MS Dhoni and they would stand to lose their identity and money invested if Dhoni was involved in the auction.

The plans being discussed by the BCCI would allow the Super Kings to resign Dhoni to a new 3 year deal with a 15% increase in earnings.

"Some of the teams are too attached to the players and would not want to let them go at any cost. It will be interesting to see how many top players are listed for the auction. Players’ consent is also important" said an BCCI insider.

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