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Modi stands firm against IPL terrorism threat

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has insisted next months IPL will not be moved out side of India despite of security concerns raised in a report by the players' unions in England, Australia and South Africa.

The report complied by ECB security Reg Dickason was critical of the security arrangements made by the IPL claiming security can not be guaranteed for the tournament.

“We are going to have the tournament in India. I can't see any reason why we should move it at this point in time. The media is reacting to every fringe group saying security is a problem” Modi told BBC Sport.

Modi brushed off the players concerns saying everything was being done to provide the highest levels of security in the 12 cities across India which will host IPL games.

"It is being discussed and upgraded on a daily basis with all the key stakeholders and we will continue to monitor that. At the end of the day we have to ensure the safety plans we put in place and the way we conduct them are absolutely top notch" he said.

“We have no worries at all. You have to understand that the market for us is India. The tournament is a huge success - we have a huge credibility, we have the top 200 players in the world. It's not only dependent on foreign players, although they are part of it” he added.

A number of players have already announced they will wait until the last possible minute before deciding whether or not to travel to India after threats made by Al Qaeda warning foreign players to stay away.

Shane Bond, who is due to earn $1 million from his IPL contract with the Kolkata Knight Riders stated he won’t go unless security can be guaranteed. With a few weeks to go before the event starts Bond will remain on watch before making his final decision.

"You have to listen to what everybody says. So because it is still a month, things can change. I'll only make a decision closer to the time that I'm due to go," Bond told the New Zealand Herald.

Australia’s top IPL players have already told the Australian Cricketers' Association they have concerns for their safety in India after the bombings in Pune last week.

They players meet the ACA yesterday in Sydney to discuss the safety arrangements in India. ACA chief executive Paul Marsh confirmed he will be giving a list of demands to the IPL with regards to player safety.

"From the outset it is important to reinforce that players want to play in this year's IPL, however the independent report has identified some serious concerns with aspects of the current security process" said Marsh.

"Specifically these concerns relate to the reported direct threat against the event and the status and implementation of the IPL's security plan." he added.

"The process from here is for all players associated to meet with their player groups and for all of us to feedback the concerns raised from these meetings to the IPL."

"This will be coordinated through our peak body the Federation for International Cricketers' Association (FICA). From here we will await a response from the IPL."

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