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Kochi CEO hits backs as fall out continues

Shailandra Gaikwad CEO of the new Kochi IPL franchise has reacted strongly to the comments made by IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi saying his team was being made to pay for out bidding bigger Indian companies.

Gaikwad said the franchise was being targeted for winning the bid and deciding to pick Kochi as the location of the team ahead of larger cities like Nagpur or Ahmedabad.

"We are being put to an unnecessary process and the reasons are obvious. If we did not have all the papers in place how could we win the bid. It is unfair now to make us go through these problems," Gaikwad said.

"We have submitted all the details such as, PAN card, passport and other professional documents in the bid. Everything was attached as per the requirements. So how come suddenly there is a doubt about the owners?, he added.

Gaikwad also suggested that Modi was putting many obstacles in the way of the franchise and making it hard for them to carry on. He also alleged the IPL Commissioner asked a lot of personal questions during their owners meeting in Bangalore.

"We were asked a lot of personal questions about some of our owners which we could not readily answer. He asked questions about when did you meet Sunanda and other such irrelevant things.

"We said that whatever questions were unanswered we will mail all the details as soon as possible. We felt that most of the questions were planted. Before we could give all the answers he went on Twitter and said at the press conference that we did not have knowledge about all the owners," he added.

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