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World Cup travel plans hit by eruption

The travel plans of a number teams involved in the Twenty20 World Cup which starts in two weeks time have been effected by the volcanic ash cloud created by the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland.

With most of Europeís air space still shut down as a large cloud of volcanic ash continues to move across the continent teams who were planning to go through London to get to the Caribbean are trying to reorganise planes.

With only Ireland and Zimbabwe already in the West Indies a number of teams travel plans have been affected. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan were planning to travel via London.

Alternatively routes via the Middle East and then across the United States are being investigated but the Afghanistan team would struggle to gain entrance to the US if they have to apply for new Visas.

"We expect that Afghanistan will arrive here, notwithstanding the volcano dust in Europe, over this weekend," said Robert Bryan, the tournament director.

England are the most effected team, with no way out of England they must wait until the air space reopens after the cloud of volcanic ash has moved across the continent.

With players still in India taking part in the IPL it is likely Englandís party will arrive in the Caribbean in two groups with Paul Collingwood, Kevin Pietersen and others flying via the Middle East once the IPL finishes next weekend.

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