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Bubble set to burst as pressure mounts on Modi

Lalit Modiís days as commissioner of the Indian Premier league look set to be over as the BCCI get ready to sack their high profile commissioner who has been embroiled in scandal that looks set to burst the IPLís bubble.

The ongoing row over ownership details of the new IPL franchise in Kochi which was started by Modi on the micro blogging website Twitter last weekend as descended into a damaging scandal which threatens the very future of the League.

With the Indian Government now looking into the tax affairs of the League, Modiís support within the BCCI as rapidly disappeared over the last few days.

Modi has been at the centre of the scandal with more and more details emerging about the commissionerís control over the league and his links to three of the franchises.

His wifeís brother-in-law is co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals. Modiís step-daughter is married to the Burman family which co-owns the Kings XI Punjab while his close friends, the Moranis, bought into the Kolkata Knight Riders.

The final straw as far as the BCCI are concerned is the raids by the Governments Income tax investigators on their offices at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumba.

"Modi's exit is a foregone conclusion. The BCCI members are extremely unhappy in the manner in which he brought about this controversy," a top BCCI source said.

"Never in the history of BCCI has the Income Tax sleuths raided the offices. It has not only tarnished the image of the Board but has also sullied the IPL brand," the source said.

The support Modi enjoyed at the start of this scandal as started to dwindle and the BCCI will meet on Monday, April 26th to formerly discuss Modiís future.

"All the allegations (against Modi) and other issues would be discussed in the Governing Council meeting," said BCCI spokesman Rajiv Shukla.

"BCCI Working Committee meeting has been postponed to May 2 because all things have to be discussed in the Governing Council meeting first. There is no point in having a Working Committee meeting before that," he added.

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