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Trescothick backs his players after heartbreak

Somerset Sabres skipper Marcus Trescothick has backed his players after the chaotic scences at the end of the Friends Provident t20 Finals Day at the Rose Bowl.

The Sabres lost their second domestic Twenty20 Final in a row after the Hampshire Royals scrambled a leg bye off the final delivery of the match to secure victory by virtue of losing fewer wickets.

The leg bye tied the scores but the Sabres could still have won despite Australian Daniel Christian securing the title by hobbling through for a single despite calling for a runner after pulling his hamstring earlier in the over.

With the chaos that followed nobody in the Sabres team realised that Christian could have been run out despite completing the single because he had a runner.

The umpires, who remained calm throughout the final over waited for the Sabres to run out the Aussie but after a short delay they were left with no alternatively but to award the runs to the Royals to spark wild celebration at the Rose Bowl.

"It's a moment that will probably haunt me for years. I'll close my eyes and see that leg-bye being run. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I am convinced I am going to wake up in a minute and throw the ball at the stumps and run him out," said Trescothick after the game.

"Both of them have to be in their ground. Christian had to be in his ground and the runner has to run the run. They both took off and I have seen it happen before. Shane Warne ran someone out like that when we played Hampshire a few years ago."

"The umpires were waiting to see what we were going to do but we thought they had tied," he added.

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