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Hayden hopes Champions League will be a hit

Australian batsman Matthew Hayden is hopeful that this months T20 Champions League in South Africa will be a success believing the event could become one of the world’s biggest cricket tournaments.

Hayden, who will play for the Chennai Super Kings, feels T20 domestic cricket around the world will become stronger with teams fighting it out to secure a place in the T20 Champions League.

"I think this tournament has got the potential to be the biggest tournament currently played, and that’s including some of the World Cups," said Hayden.

"It has got such gravitas in the market and it is a huge tournament for cricket. The future of Franchise cricket is very strong with a pathway to a championship like this," he added.

"We have got a good cross-section of international players who have been in good form. I think that we have got most areas covered really well and I guess that’s what T20 cricket is all about."

"You’ve got to be able to complete two skill sets exceptionally well to be part of the Chennai Super Kings. You’ve either got to be able to bat and field well, or bowl and bat well."

"Take a guy like Suresh Raina. He’s a great batter, he can bowl off-spin and he is exceptional in the field," Hayden added.

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