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Aussie players threaten stand off with Board

A number of high profile Australian cricketers are threatening a stand off with Cricket Australia over their attempts to snatch 10% of their IPL playing fees.

During the recent IPL Governing Council meetings in Mumbai it was decided that each foreign player would pay 10% of their salaries to their respective boards.

The Governing Council had been put under pressure from Cricket Australia and a number of other cricket boards over their lack of earnings from their players' involvement in the IPL.

The decision to award each board a 10% cut has angered many of Australia’s top players with Australian Cricketers Association Chief Executive Paul Marsh suggesting his members should refuse to sign their CA contracts.

"The Australian Cricketers Association has made it known to Cricket Australia that any attempt to take 10 per cent, or any other amount for that matter, from the IPL salaries of Australian players is completely unacceptable and will be opposed in the strongest possible way by us," said Marsh in today’s edition of the 'The Australian'.

"CA simply has no right to effectively charge a commission on income earned by players from outside their employment to CA. This is akin to an employer trying to take 10 per cent of an employee's wages from a second job he works on weekends."

"Regardless of the decision made by the IPL, we would hope CA would act in good faith to its players by not taking this proposed 10 per cent."

"Should they seek to do, so we would expect players to give serious consideration to either not signing an IPL contract that contains this deduction, or not signing future CA contracts."

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