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Kochi renamed Tuskers after fans vote

The owners of the Kochi franchise have announced the Indi Commandos will be rebranded as the Kochi Tuskers Kerala after fans voted for a new team name in an online poll.

The new name was approved by the BCCI and IPL governing council on Saturday night allowing Kochi Cricket Pvt Ltd, a consortium of the six companies that are shareholders in the franchise to announce the new name.

"The state animal of Kerala is the Asian Elephant, also known as the Indian Elephant. Therefore the appropriateness in selection of the Team Kochi IPL name, Kochi Tuskers Kerala by the fans all over India cannot be ignored," said Mukesh Patel, the director of Kochi Cricket Pvt Ltd

"Elephants are the largest land animals alive today and their tusks are attractive, sharp and intimidating," he added.

Having originally called the franchise the Indi Commandos, Team Kochi caused controversy by announcing the unusual name last month much to the horror of cricketing fans in Kochi and to the amusement of pretty much everyone else.

With the controversy showing no signs of dying down the team announced a competition for fans to pick a new team name in an apparent attempt to appease disgruntled fans.

The owners gave fans six nicknames to choose from including the Commandos and 5 new ones which included the Titans, Tigers, Tuskers, Heroes and United.

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