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Rain ruins Pro20 East London clash

Rain stopped any chance of play in the Standard Bank Pro20 Series match between the Fidentia Warriors and the Nashua Dolphins in East London on Friday.

The dreary drizzle arrived like a hungover hobo soon after lunch on Thursday, and refused to leave. A howling Westerly, which duly brought more rain, only added to the dismal scene at Buffalo Park as the sun set somewhere beyond the smothering clouds on Friday.

Sensibly, the match was abandoned an hour before the scheduled start.

That left an inflatable igloo behind the pavilion unrelieved of its cargo of luridly green hardhats.

Nary a ripple ruffled the surface of the dunk tank, and not a bubble was launched from the strangely silent foam pit.

Most tellingly, the stands and grass banks were deserted as East Londoners pursued their other options for a damp and drizzly Friday evening.

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