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Chappell questions World Cup

Cricket's inaugural Twenty20 World Cup has taken a hit before a ball has been bowled, this time from former Australian captain Ian Chappell.

Chappell is the latest big name to question the merit of the two-week competition in South Africa from September 11.

Chappell said the International Cricket Council had to decide whether Twenty20 provided serious competition or add-on entertainment for Test and one-day cricket.

"They (the ICC) have indicated that they want Twenty20 cricket to be entertainment," Chappell said.

"If you are going to have players 'miked up' when they are on the field, it is an indication to players that this is a form of entertainment.

"If that's the case, it's fine with the odd match or two, but now we are going to have a World Cup of Twenty20 cricket. You can't ask international cricketers to play in something that they are calling the World Cup and not take it seriously and try to win it.

"The administrators, I think, have to give it serious thought because they are having five bob each way now."

Chappell said with a World Cup on the line, players were within their rights to reject attempts by broadcasters to jazz up the game.

"If you are asking me to just play a one-off Twenty20 match that is not part of a tournament, yes, I will be 'miked up'," Chappell said.

"But if you are asking me to play in a Twenty20 World Cup where I am representing my country and you're asking me to treat it like entertainment, I'm going to tell you what to do with your microphones."

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