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How the Finals Day was won and lost

The Kent Spitfires are the 2007 Twenty20 Cup Champions after winning a thrilling Final against the Gloucestershire Gladiators in a game which went right down to the last over.

Good evening and welcome to cricket20's coverage of the 2007 Twenty20 Cup Finals.

18 teams started out with dreams of lifting the Cup but now only two remain, enter stage right Gloucestershire and Kent, neither have the won the Twenty20 Cup, neither have appeared in the Final and that's about it really.

We're in store for a treat tonight under the floodlights, the atmosphere is building, lets hope its a cracker!

Latest action as it happens (All Times BST)

22.05 And that's your lot, thank you so much for joining us over the last 12 hours for a thrilling Finals Day, we'll be back in September for live ball by ball coverage of this years Twenty20 World Cup, until then goodbye.

22.02 What a game, what a day, the winning boundary came off a no ball which counted for six runs to give Kent the victory.

21.59 Its all over Kent have won a thriller.

21.58 Confussion rains, have Kent won? Was it a no ball?

21.58 BIG FOUR, one needed!!!!

21.57 6 runs needed from 3 balls.

21.56 7 runs needed from 4 balls.

21.55 Wide, 8 runs from 5 balls.

21.54 Big four, 9 runs needed from 5 balls.

21.54 If Kent don't lose another wicket they only need 12 to win, it will tie the scores but they will have lost less wickets.

21.53 13 runs needed from 6 balls.

21.52 16 runs needed from 8 balls.

21.51 WICKET 126 - 6 Crown the champions, Jones is run out for 4, Kent need a miracle from their last 9 balls, they still need 20.

21.50 21 runs needed from 10 balls.

21.49 12 balls to go, Kent need another 23 to win, they need a few boundaries, its now or never for Kent.

21.48 WICKET 123 - 5 Is that the wicket which wins it Gloucestershire, McLaren goes for 5, bowled by Lewis, Gloucestershire can sense victory.

21.44 Fantastic stop by Marshall on the boundary, it had four write all over it.

21.42 Kent are working hard taking singles but they need a boundary, the pressure and a few fielding mistakes are slowly creeping on Gloucestershire.

21.42 Kent need a boundary else the game will slowly drift away from them, they need 29 runs from 18 balls.

21.40 For the second time today Kent are struggling to chase down a low target, is it Finals Day nerves, they still need to get 34 from 25 balls, its within their grasp, they need a couple of boundaries to calm their nerves.

21.37 WICKET 109 - 4 Big wicket, could this turn the game, Walkers goes, caught by Fisher on the boundary for 45.

21.35 There only 5 overs to go and the game is on a knife edge, who will strike the killer blow?

21.31 Shot, Stevens comes in and means business hitting a four to bring up the 100 for Kent.

21.29 WICKET 96 - 3 van Jaarsveld goes for a strange shot trying to flick the ball over the keepers head, he misses the ball doesn't and he goes.

21.28 Meanwhile on the pitch Kent are slowly inching towards victory, with 7 overs to go victory will be their if they score another 51 runs.

21.24 The crowd is making a bit of noise again, after the middle innings slump life is coming back into the stands.

21.22 With 1 overs gone Kent are 85-2, we could be in store for another tight finish, with 53 balls left Kent need to get 62 runs.

21.18 That was a big answer, get a wicket, if Gloucestershire can strike a couple more times the game might not be over just get.

21.16 WICKET 78 - 2 Great catch, and this time it is a catch, Marshall does it again and Denly goes for 28.

21.14 Math time, if time B need 69 runs to win from 66 balls what does team A need to do, answers to Jon Lewis c/o Gloucestershire CCC.

21.10 Not much to report, Kent are in control, Gloucestershire are the opposite of a team in control, i.e. not in control.

21.07 Its proper dark now, and thanks to the mighty floodlights play can carry on, well done floodlights.

21.05 Its a bad over for Carl Greenidge, Kent say thank you very much and take 12 from the over.

21.03 The 50 comes up for Kent off just 31 balls, the second fastest of the day.

21.00 Five overs gone and Kent look in control despite losing the "wicket" of Key, great bat throw though.

20.59 Will that wicket get Gloucestershire back into the game, dam, not with fielding like that from Lewis lets a ball go past him for 4.

20.56 WICKET 32 - 1 Robert Key goes and his not happy, was it a catch, very very close call but he goes after a few moment pause, there goes the bat into the dug out, not a happy bunny, oh yeah by the way Marshall caught it.

20.52 Finally the players have four shadows, oh my god the floodlights are working, ish, by the time it gets dark, erh, Kent will have already finished their innings.

20.49 Despite the quite start Kent are going along quite nicely thank you very much, with a run rate of only 6 needed they are in control.

20.44 Its slowly getting darker and the light is getting better, not great, but better, the lights are slowly taking effect.

20.43 Jon Lewis comes into bowl, its a dot ball, well done.

20.41 Here we go, the last 20 overs of this years Twenty20 Cup, is 146 enough, who knows, could be, could be not, lets crown a new champion.

20.30 We're at the half way stage of this years Twenty20 Cup Final and Kent look favourites to lift the Cup after restricting Gloucestershire to just 146 runs

20.26 6 balls left, any guesses on the score, I'll go for 143.

20.22 Two overs to go for Gloucestershire, Mclaren ripped the heart out of the middle order and they now look lost, its up to Jon Lewis to set Kent a competitive total.

20.20 The light is quite poor, what's the point in floodlights when they don't work?

20.18 Those 3 wickets have changed the game but the big question needs an answer, are the floodlights actually working, was this Rob Keys plan, bat second under proper conditions for the floodlights to work. They don't seem to have any effect now the sun is going down.

20.16 WICKET 111 - 7 HAT TRICK!!!!!!! Fisher goes LBW, what an over!

20.15 WICKET 111 - 6 McLaren strikes again, Adshead goes first ball.

20.13 WICKET 111 - 5 Advantage Kent, Marshall's innings is over, he goes for 65 bowled by McLaren.

20.12 Four overs to go, whats the gameplan for Gloucestershire, at the current run rate they will only reach 138, that won't be enough.

20.09 Five overs to go and with the exception of Marshall Gloucestershire have never really got going, their bowlers are going to have to be on top form to defend a low total.

20.06 Hardinges brings up Gloucestershire's 100 with a fine 4, any boundary in this innings must be described as fine, we haven't seen to many.

20.01 After a 25 minute wait for a boundary, just like buses, 2 come along in an over.

19.59 Coming into the attack James Tredwell, Hamish Marshall thanks him by taking 2 off his first ball to bring up his 50, next ball he takes a four, its a boundary!!

19.57 The beer must beer kicking in, some sections of the ground are signing the National Anthem!

19.55 Fact of the minute, its 20 minutes since the last boundary.

19.52 We have reached the half way point of Gloucestershire's innings and its not going to well for them, 4 wickets down and only 72 on the board, its got low score written all over it, cue big score!

19.49 It was all going a bit quiet out on the pitch but that wicket has spiced things up a bit, with 9 overs gone we are on course for another low scoring affair.

19.47 WICKET 62 - 4 Its happened again, another run out for Kent, its goes to the third umpire and the Kent players are all back on their positions for the next ball, don't they have any faith, Gidman is the man to go for 5.

19.40 Simon Cook is having a big impact on this game, his 2 overs so far have only gone for 8 runs.

19.38 Meanwhile back at the game the Mexican wave is starting again. Information of more importants is Gloucestershire reaching 50 off 37 balls.

19.34 The big question of the day as thrown up a few strange answers already, which political leader would you have opening the bowling in a Twenty20 Cup, the strangest answer, Gandhi, does he count?

19.33 WICKET 42 - 3 Simon Cook strikes with the first LBW of the day, pointless fact but hey, Chris Taylor walks off having scored 1 from 2 balls.

19.31 The crowd must be shattered after a day of Mexican waves, its gone quiet again!

19.28 WICKET 36 - 2 Yasser Arafa strikes again, Ali goes for 6 after hitting a skier to Tredwell, as the joke goes it came down with snow on it!

19.25 Gloucestershire have got off to a steady start, despite losing an early they've seen off Malinga with ease.

19.23 Its sing along time at the start of the 3rd over, Malinga is back.

19.21 WICKET 16 - 1 Yasser Arafa strikes and the dangerman Spearman goes for 2, big wicket, van Jaarsveld takes the catch.

19.19 Coming into bowl next is Yasser Arafat, fantastic, which political leader would you open with? Is Gordon Brown busy tonight, a bit of off spin maybe?

19.18 One over gone and the boys in yellow, and a bit of blue have started off very well, much to the amusement of the crowd Malinga goes for 10, they've even got a song for him.

19.17 What a sight, the sun is shinning, the most it has done all day, makes the floodlights look even better!

19.15 Let battle commence, Malinga comes running in, its a, its a, wait, its a four! Almost the perfect start, a six is a bit too much to ask for really.

19.12 Big cuddle time, the Kent players have a pre game cuddle to talk things through, behind them Spearman and Marshall sneak past to the wicket.

18.45 The toss as been made and Robert Key wins it, what will he do, well he'll field actually, could mean tricky run chase under the lights but he must know what he's doing, lets find out.

Gloucestershire: C M Spearman, H J H Marshall, Kadeer Ali, C G Taylor, A P R Gidman, M A Hardinges, S J Adshead (Wkt), C G Greenidge, J Lewis (Capt), B M Edmondson, I D Fisher.

Kent: J L Denly, R W T Key (Capt), M van Jaarsveld, M J Walker, D I Stevens, R McLaren, G O Jones (Wkt), Yasir Arafat, J C Tredwell, S J Cook, S L Malinga.

17.52 Its all over, a no ball and 2 runs see Kent go through, what a finish.

17.51 Its getting tight, 4 needed from 4 balls.

17.48 An even bigger four from Key, the maths are simple now, Kent need 9 from the last 6 balls.

17.47 A huge four by Key, that might have just turned have the game, its a cliffhanager, 15 needed from 9 balls.

17.46 12 balls to go, a mountian to climb, Key and Jones need a mircale with 23 still needed.

17.44 WICKET 118 - 5 McLaren goes for 2 bowled Rana Naved.

17.40 Who will be the hero for Kent, they need 27 more runs with only 18 balls remaining, the atmosphere is building.

17.37 WICKET 113 - 4 We said it was going to be exciting, Darren Stevens last 3 balls departing for just 1 run, Adams takes an easy catch and is he thinking about the final?

17.35 Its going to be edge of the seat stuff in a minute, with 24 balls remaining Kent need another 29 runs to reach the finals, who will hold their nerves and be the hero?

17.33 WICKET 110 - 3 Another twist Matthew Walker goes for 18, Kirtley takes his second catch of the day to give Yardy his frst wicket.

17.30 Rob Key brings up his 50 off what feels like 200 balls, in fact its 41 but that doesn't matter, the innings is in a trough but thanks to their fast start Kent are still in control with 32 more runs needed from 31 balls.

17.26 Kent bring up their 100 with a four from Walker, yeap a four, another 39 is needed from 38 balls.

17.23 A bit of life is breathed into game thanks to a couple of boundaries from Kent, looking to squeeze Kent even further Yardy comes into the attack, this will be the key period of the game.

17.20 Spins the key for Sussex, Ahmed and Saqlain have changed the face of the game, will Sussex be tempted into using Yardy as well?

17.15 Oh my god this is dull, at this rate Sussex will bore Kent into submission.

17.12 Its hard going for Kent, its hard going for the crowd, the runs have gone and Edgbaston is flat.

17.08 Sussex are tightening the screws a little bit, Kents run chase has almost come to a stand still with only 7 runs scored from the last 20 balls.

17.03 WICKET 69 - 2 Hold on a second, a game might have broke out at Edgbaston, Ahmed strikes, van Jaarsveld goes for 2. Kent's reply is almost mirroring that of Sussex's, a great start by both teams and now the wobbles are starting.

17.01 Despite losing their first wicket Kent are still on course to reach the Final, the spin bowling from both ends maybe slowing down the run rate but they still only need 72 to win from 74 balls.

16.57 WICKET 65 - 1 The first twist in the tale, maybe, Denly goes for 31, caught by Kirkley out on the boundary.

16.55 Key most be getting bored, he hits Ahmed for consecutive big sixes.

16.51 After 5 overs Kent are in complete control, with 51 runs scored already their task is quite easy, they need 90 more from 90 balls.

16.45 The action seems to have dried up, the fastest form of the game is moving along at a snails pace, after a such a quick start Kent are now happy to take singles.

16.41 The atmosphere is starting to die down a little bit despite the ground being fall, the prospect of anther one sided semi might have sent some fans to sleep. With three overs gone Kent are comfortably in control.

16.38 This is going to be a quick innings, with 2 overs gone the run rate is 12.5! Could this be another one sided semi?

16.35 Its a great first over for Kent, with only 6 an over needed they hit 12 just to be safe!

16.30 Right here we go, 20 overs, 141 runs needed and a place in the finals up for grabs, its all set up for Kent now to chase a small total to reach their first ever Twenty20 Cup Final, what will happened, who knows!

16.18 WICKET 140 all out That's it for Sussex, after a fantastic start by Nash and Goodwin they have fallen apart, Kent will need just 141 to reach the Twenty20 Cup Final.

16.16 WICKET 136-9 Maliga strikes again, Rana goes for 23 thanks to a great catch by McLaren yet again out on the boundary.

16.15 Six balls to go, Kent will be happy with the way they have come back into this game, Sussex will look back and think if only.

16.12 With Rana still at the crease Sussex have a chance, he hits Arafat for 10 of his first two balls back.

16.10 WICKET 123-8 Maliga strikes in his first over back, Mustaq Ahmed goes for 4 caught by McLaren out on the boundary.

16.05 Its the business end of the innings now for Sussex, with 3 overs to go Rana needs to rescue the Sharks and set a competitive total, if the Kent bowlers remain on top Sussex could be heading home.

16.01 WICKET 109-7 Sussex are falling apart, Yardy goes for 4 stumped by Jones, with 7 wickets down Kent might be smelling victory.

16.00 The sun is shining over Edgbaston, its been a day of shocks so far and with Sussex 109-6 they look to continue, a Gloucestershire vs Kent finals is not what most people expected.

15.56 Kent's fielding as turned the course of the game, after the first 6 overs Sussex were motoring along but two fantastic pieces of fielding to dismiss Adams and Martin-Jenkins have put Kent in the box seat, with 4 overs to go Sussex are 107-6.

15.53 WICKET 102-6 Another run out, this time by a country mile, Martin-Jenkins departs for 0 and Sussex are in tatters.

15.50 WICKET 102-5 A huge wicket, Adams is run out by a fantastic piece of fieling by McLaren, he looked safe but TV replies showed in just short, nobody on the pitch was expecting that, the Kent players were alrady posistioned to face the next ball.

15.47 WICKET 90-4 Sussex are in danger of collapsing, Matt Prior goes for 5 trying to hit a big six, the ball drops from the sky a couple of meters to sort and Denly is there to take the catch.

15.43 Kent have done fantastic to get back into the game, the run rate is falling and a target of 160 is looking more likely, the way Goodwin and Nash were going the target looked nearer 200.

15.40 WICKET 81-2 Another wickets goes, Goodwin is run out by Rob Key, after a fine start the wheels are in danger of coming off for Sussex, Chris Adams will need to steady the ship.

15.35 WICKET 81-2 Wright never got going, he goes for just 3 after being caught by McClaren, Kent will be glad to see the danger man go so cheaply.

15.33 The slow bit is over as Goodwin hits Cook for a hug six into the crowd.

15.30 The game enters that slow bit between the fast bit at the beginning and the fast bit at the end as Goodwin and Wright look to build a big inings.

15.25 Afer an electric start Sussex have been held back a bit by Kent, whil Wright bats himself him the run rate as slowed down.

15.21 WICKET 60-1 At last Kent strike, Chris Nash tries one shot to many and skies a catch to Treadwell, Nash goes for 37 off just 16 balls.

15.18 Sussex are flying, the 50 comes up off just 28 balls, their momentum is held up for a brief moment though as their mascot decides to stand being the bowlers arm much to the annoyance of Goodwin!

15.14 Sussex seem to have a game plan, mainly score a hat full of runs and pile the pressure on Kent, after 4 overs 42 runs have been scored, of these 32 have been scored from boundarys.

15.10 Malinga carries on the current trend of unsportsmanship among bowlers by abandoning two run ups on the way to conceding 13 runs from his second over.

15.06 Apart from a few sulking Lancashire fans who have sloped off Edgbaston is full, after winning the toss Sussex continue their great start in the second over with 11 runs coming from Arafat first over.

15.03 Its a great start for Sussex with Malinga going for 8 off his first over.

14.59 Fresh from walking off the plane Lasith Malinga opens the bowling for Kent.

14.57 The Kent fielders walk out onto the pitch followed by Chris Nash and Murray Goodwin.

14.45 Team Line Ups

Kent team (incomplete)
SJ Cook, MJ Walker, SL Malinga, JC Tredwell, M van Jaarsveld, R McLaren, GO Jones, JL Denly, RWT Key, DI Stevens

Sussex team
Mushtaq Ahmed, MH Yardy, MJ Prior, LJ Wright, RSC Martin-Jenkins, Naved-ul-Hasan, RJ Kirtley, MW Goodwin, Saqlain Mushtaq, CD Nash, CJ Adams

14.30 Sussex won the toss and decided to bat first in the second Twenty20 semi-final against Kent.

14.01 Its all over, Taylor hits a four to bring up victory, Gloucestershire are jubilant while Lancashire suffer more Twenty20 heartache.

13.57 WICKET 137-2 Spearman's out for 86, his 54 ball assault was simply stunning, his inning ends tamely as he gives Chilton a simple catch off the blowing of Murali.

13.54 Gloucester aren't going to hang around as Spearman hits two huge sixes and a four off Dominc Cork.

13.49 Flintoff comes back into the attack but even Super Freddie can't hault Gloucesershires march to to Final, with 5 overs to go only 30 runs are needed.

13.45 Its not going right for Lancashire, the Gloucestershire batsmen are finding every gap in the outfield, every ball which goes up into the air always lands safely, mostly for six!

13.43 Its going to take a miracle for Lancashire to reach the Final, Gloucestershire are incomplete control with 51 needed from 48 balls.

13.40 Bang, that's huge, that's going, its out of the ground, Ali hits Hodge for a huge six over the pavilion.

13.37 Fantastic, Spearman brings up his 50 with a huge six back over Keedys head, his 50 comes from just 35 balls.

13.36 With 10 overs gone Gloucesershire look in very good shape, they need another 73 runs from the last 60 balls. Spearman looks hungry for runs and he might just fancy batting right through the inings and leading Gloucesershire to victory.

13.31 The Gladiators have played themselves into a position where they don't have to play every ball and just two off the over won't cause too many problems.

13.27 Keedy comes into the Lancashire attack and although he is unable to find a breakthrough, he does stem the flow slightly. Just five runs from the over but still a very strong position for Gloucestershire at 63-1.

13.23 There's no let up from Gloucestershire and they're looking in extremely good shape right now. Freddie's bowling with good pace and intensity but concedes a disappointing 13 off the over. A loose no-ball is despatched by Spearman for four and, at the moment, there's no stopping the Gloucestershire flood, so to speak!

13.17 Murali concedes 10 off his first over after having his first delivery reverse swept by Craig Spearman for four.

13.14 WICKET 35-1 Flintoff strikes and Edgbaston goes wild!!!! Marshall goes for 15 caught by Hodge at square leg.

13.10 With the entire ground watching his every move Andrew Flintoff enters the attack.

13.09 More punishment for Anderson from the final two balls of his over with 10 more runs smashed around Edgbaston, he leaks 23 runs from the over.

13.08 Andersons second overs dosen't start to well, his first 3 balls go for 12 runs.

13.02 Fresh from England duty, James Anderson bowls the first over for Lancs and looks in relatively good nick, conceding just four runs.

12.45 A disappointing final over yields just eight runs. Cork at least manages a four off the final ball but this looks like an eminently reachable target of just 149.

12.43 With an over to go Lancashire are making a fight of it, after 19 overs they are 140-6, with six balls to go they will be looking to score another 15 runs with wickets in hand.

12.35 Gloucestershire have hit back, Greenidge see's his last over go for just 2 runs plus the wicket of Croft.

12.33 WICKET 118-6 Croft cuts Greenidge and is dismissed by an stunning full-stretch diving catch from Steve Adshead outside off stump.

12.27 Gloucestershire have done well so far restricting Lancashire to 100 runs from 15 overs but will they be able to contain them in the last 5 overs?

12.23 Hardings completes his 4 overs for the day finishing with 2-16.

12.22 WICKET 95-5 A rush of blood to the head from Chilton and his attempted slog goes straight up in the air and is caught by Marshall off the bowling of Hardings.

12.20 Another good over for Gloucestershire but that's as much to do with the Lancashire batting as it is their bowling.

12.18 The runs aren't coming easily anymore. Tight bowling and good fielding ensures there is little in it for the Lancashire batsmen.

12.12 Much will fall now on the steady hand of Mark Chilton. The captain gets himself off the mark with a couple of well-taken singles but will need to move quickly to stop the run-rate falling.

12.10 We're at the half way stage in the first semi final and its Gloucestershire who are on top with Lancashire 74-4.

12.05 WICKET 69-4 Its another run out, Gareth Cross goes for 13 thanks to an excellent piece of fielding from Edmondson who knocks the stumps down from square leg.

12.02 Its turning into a glorious day at Edgbaston, the early morning cloud is moving on and the sun is starting to shine through.

11.58 WICKET 52-3 Brad Hodges quick innings comes to an end, he scored 32 from just 18 balls before being caught by Marshall off thebowling of Hardings.

11.57 The 50 comes up for Lancashire from 38 balls.

11.57 With 6 overs gone Lancashire have slightly recovered from their slow start, despite losing two wickets they have reached 48.

11.55 Lancashire are living dangerously with another close run out turned down by the umpires.

11.51 WICKET 32-2 Flintoff's innings is over, out for just 3 after being run out by Spearman, Flintoff set off down the wicket looking for a signle that wasnt there, he turned back only to watch the bails fall off the stumps.

11.46 Brad Hodge is making his intentions clear with 14 runs coming from 7 balls, including 3 fours in 4 balls..

11.43 Gloucestershire are off to a good start with a wicket in that over, with three overs gone Lancashire are off to a slow start.

11.41 WICKET 12-1 Law goes for 8 caught by Craig Spearman in the slips, thats the first wicket of the day for Leiws.

11.39 There goes the first chance of the day, Alec Gidman drops Flintoff, that could prove costly.

11.38 Another good over for Gloucestershire with just 5 coming from it.

11.37 Fantastic start to the second over by Carl Greenidge, three balls gone with only one run scored.

11.35 The first over is completed by Lewis and its a tidy one, just 2 extras were scored from it.

11.31 There's almost a run out off the second ball, Stuart Laws slips over backing up and the throw from Lewis just misses the stumps.

11.31 The first ball of the day in bolwed by Jon Lewis, he comes in and, its a wide!

11.29 Its almost time for the action to start, the Gloucestershire players run out onto the pitch followed by Stuart Law and Andrew Flintoff.

11.15 Team Line Ups

Gloucestershire team
CG Taylor, Kadeer Ali, J Lewis, ID Fisher, BM Edmondson, MA Hardinges, CM Spearman, CG Greenidge, APR Gidman, SJ Adshead, HJH Marshall

Lancashire team
G Chapple, A Flintoff, MJ Chilton, BJ Hodge, SJ Croft, GD Cross, M Muralitharan, SG Law, DG Cork, JM Anderson, G Keedy

11.09 There is an early blow for Lancashire with Mal Loye missing from the line up, he suffered a back injury in the nets and is ruled out.

11.05 Gloucestershire captain Jon Leiws won the toss and elected to field.

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